Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ohio Primary

Lotsa bitchin’ and moanin’ today by Democrats about the Republicans who crossed over and voted in the Democrat primary yesterday.

All I gotta say to them is “You’re welcome!”

Yup, I’m an Ohio conservative who held her nose and voted Democrat yesterday.


I wanted to take the opportunity to vote against the Hildebeast and against Peace Moonbeam (Dennis Kucinich), both of whom I despise.

Dennis is an idiot! Too bad 4 guys split the vote against him and he won his primary. My community is full of idiots.

Hillary has the same qualifications for president that Mrs. Brett Farve does to be an NFL quarterback. Probably more, since she actually lives with her husband. Think the Packers will be calling on her now that Brett has retired? Somehow, I doubt it!

My primary objection to Clinton is that she’s a socialist. She wants to take more and ever more of my hard-earned money and give it to lazy asses who don’t work. Or to build Bridges to Nowhere. Or to give to tyrants overseas.

I voted for Barak on the theory that he’s more defeatable in November than she is. I think that there are still a sizable number of people in this country who can’t bring themselves to vote for a black man for president. I don't agree with them but they're still there. And I don’t trust my fellow voters to see through the Clinton Machine’s machinations! The idiots haven’t, yet!

Quite frankly, I lost all my faith in the American electorate when they elected and then reelected Bill Clinton. Why am I the only person who seems to be able to see through his BS??

The first time I saw him on TV, my BS alarm went off so loud it was deafening! He is so obviously a liar to me. I’ve never believed a single word the guy has ever said.

His wife is worse! She’s cold and conniving, willing to do anything to get herself what she wants, whether it’s money or power. I fear for my country if this woman is ever elected President!

It’s too bad, really that the Republicans couldn’t produce a candidate that I could gladly vote for. I don’t trust McCain on border security or on appointing judges. About the only thing I think he’s right on is his stand against earmarks. That, at least, he gets right!

And the war against Islamic Fascism, of course. He does seem to understand the importance of that!

Ah, well. There’s always Baseball!!

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Nancy Heller said...

Well, Elinor, we may never agree on anything political. But I think we can agree . . . that the new grandchild in your photo is gorgeous!