Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Free Thinkers"

I went to a Free Thinkers Meetup last night hoping for some conversation and maybe an argument or two. Some how I figured I would meet a few people who could think! What I found instead was that I walked into a den of fascist, arrogant, unrepentant lock-step thinking Liberals!!

I got brow beat about global warming for about 2 or so hours by a young man barely out of diapers who kept exclaiming “But, there’s a consensus!” and “But, they have PhDs! Don’t you respect that?”

I could barely get a word in edgewise.

It was not a discussion. I was hammered at by a True Believer who adamantly refused to admit that there’s any proof on the other side.

I finally had to declare that I simply was tired of talking about it just to shut him up.

I don’t think he heard a word I said all night.

The other young man I met, again, barely out of diapers and still living with his parents, was probably the worst fascist I’ve ever met. He thinks that because he shares the planet with other people, they need to kowtow to his opinions of what kind of car they should drive, how much energy they can use and where they can live! And he sees nothing wrong with this. Wonder what he would say if the shoe was on the other foot? If people he disagreed with tried to tell him how to live his life? I wasn’t rude. I didn’t point out what a fascist he was.

At one point, the coordinator of the group came over to challenge me to reconcile being a conservative and not a religionist. Apparently, at least to him, the two are not severable. I pointed out that there’s many ways to the same destination. I don’t know which bothered him the most, that I wouldn’t condemn religious conservatives or that I professed to be a Conservative in the first place. Again, more lock-step Liberalism from supposed “Free Thinkers”.

Oh, and, apparently, being an atheist is required for membership, too!

“Free Thinkers”

Yeah, right.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Enough already!!

Breaking news from Fox News:

Michael Jackson is still dead!!

Sheesh! Nobody protesting anything in Iran at the moment?? Nothing else happened in the past 24 hours?

I feel sorry for Farrah and her family. Talk about getting lost in a media feeding frenzy! No body even remembers her at this point.

And, let me point out the obvious: Farrah was never accused of molesting anyone. True or not, the accusation was still made.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Is everyone at National asleep?

Do they know what time it is, much less the date??

This past Friday, I received a document in the mail from our National organization, post marked 6/10/09. This document contained the rules and regulations for our upcoming Annual Gathering.

Now, the idea that we need a list of rules and regulations related to our national party is maddening enough. However, contained in this missive was information on several events taking place at the AG that had deadlines for participation.

The deadline for signing up for any of the tours being offered at this year’s AG was June 8, 2009.

The deadline for the Mensa Marketplace was June 5, 2009

And all this information was postmarked June 10, 2009. Thanks, National, for making sure that I won’t be cluttering up the tours or offering any of my handicrafts in the Marketplace!!

And then we get lectured on “Mensa Time”!!! How presumptuous!!
These are the same people who cannot get information to the membership on submission deadlines in time for members to actually participate! In addition, we are all adults! We don’t need Mommy nagging us about coming in on time! Most of us realize the value of a person’s time and treat them with according respect. Those who don’t will miss programs and events that start on time. Go ahead! Start everything on time!! I dare you!!

And don’t believe you can do it!!

(I’ve been to many AGs. Running late is an art form at these things!)

Muslims are barbarians.

I’m not Christian but I am getting very tired of the old ‘Crazy Christian’ killer on the cop shows.

Whenever there’s a religious nut killing his fellow men, it’s never a Muslim, who we know are a bunch of violent thugs who kill their own family members over the slightest slight to their ‘honor’. No, it’s always a Christian who’s using his religion to justify his killing.

I’ve known a lot of Christians in my life. Some of them were quite devout and some were even a bit fanatical about it but I have never met one who would try to justify murder with their religion.

Muslims, on the other hand, subscribe to a religion that specifically entreats them to kill people. Especially if they are Jewish. Or female.

You need a religious nutjob for your plot twist, why not make it one who is actually likely to be violent?

Probably because the writers and directors and actors like living themselves. I would have to guess from the ample evidence that all these people who pride themselves on ‘speaking truth to power’ or some such silly catch phrase when they’re making a political statement are abject cowards when it comes time to subject religions to the same treatment.

Christians don’t get their panties in a wad, riot in the streets and kill each other when there is a perceived slight to their religion. They’re secure enough and adult enough to take a few insults in good grace.

Muslims, spoiled children that they are, are incapable of even seeing Islam mentioned without having a tizzy fit.

Christians don’t kill their own daughters for having the temerity to speak to a member of the opposite sex who is not a family member. Muslims have that daughter stoned to death. Real civilized.

Muslims are barbarians.

There, I said it and I believe it.

Any group that would kill their own children the way they do qualifies as a bunch of barbarians in my book.

Anyone who thinks peace is possible with these nutjobs is kidding himself.

Only when they love their children more than they hate us will there be peace.

Doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon!

The Wisdom Of Rush

"If you go through life seeking to appease your critics, you will cease to be who you are. Which is what the critics wanted in the first place."

Gotta love it!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Middle of the kitchen floor:

Wish I could be so comfortable!!