Friday, March 07, 2008

Meet Garfield

Meet Garfield, my newest kitty.

When losing Cissy stopped hurting quite so much, I realized that I wanted to get another cat. I looked into the local shelter and their costs but something told me to wait. I guess I thought that if I was meant to have another cat, one would come to me, a stray would show up at work or at home, looking for a home or something.

Well, ‘something’ happened.

A co-worker of mine had moved and her new apartment didn’t allow pets. She was going to try and sneak in her cat but they were too observant for that and demanded that she get rid of him.

Someone here at work told her I was a “cat-person” so she came to me to see if I wanted him. He seemed perfect.

He’s 8 years old, neutered and declawed and has all his shots. And also the first orange cat I’ve had.

And he is BRIGHT orange. He practically glows! He has such a sweet face, too. He’s very affectionate and likes to sleep next to the fridge or next to my pillow at night. I weighed him last Saturday. He’s 14lbs. Cookie is 13lbs and Klein is 16lbs, the fatty.

He is younger and more muscular than my 2 very fat kitties and is able to get into much more mischief than they. I used my tuna squeezer one Saturday and it has mysteriously disappeared! I’ll probably find it under the couch or the dining room hutch when I do my spring cleaning.

He’s also able to get on the kitchen counter! My other 2 are way too fat to jump so high. Cookie could probably manage it but she’s too lazy. I could claim she knows better but I know better! :-) Klein can barely manage to jump onto the bed. The counter might as well be on the moon, as far as he’s concerned.

My daughter has a house-full of young cats that like to get into places they're not supposed to. To combat this, they’ve found a product that I plan to acquire myself: Ssscat:

What a cool concept!!

He's a real sweetie, for all his mischievous ways. He loves to give "kisses", something my other two won't do. He'll let me hold him but hasn't figured out that a baby-cradle is a good way to get some intensive mommy-attention.

He helps me get ready for work every morning, following me through my routine, mostly because the last thing I do before heading out is to feed them. Hey, dogs have masters, cats have staff. My primary reason for existence is to feed them. Just ask 'em!

That and scritches. Gotta have lots of scritches, too! :-)

Of course, if all this bothered me, I'd have a dog. But you don't have to walk cats, bath cats, police your yard or go through the dominance games dogs play. Litter boxes are nasty but at least all the nasty stuff is in one place. Plus, I have a wonderful product called a Litter Robot that takes most of the nasty out of it. I just change the bag in the bottom once a week, add more litter and I'm done! If you don't like scooping your litter box, check out that website! I'm on my second robot. I killed the first one by washing the base. Yeah, I'm an idiot. They were nice enough to give me a nice discount, though. Took some of the sting out.

And I don't have to walk around my neighborhood carrying a bag of poop!!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Garfield! You are such a handsome boy. It is nice to meet you.
I'm sorry Cissy went to the Bridge, but most of us on the blogosphere believe those who went before are always in our hearts and therefore, never leave us for good. I think your mommy is right, Cissy sent you to her.

I'm glad you were able to find a wonderful forever home.

I weigh 12.5 lbs and it is no hinderence to counter jumping! I think you're a handsome Mancat.

You'll meet lots of new friends of every species here. I'll introduce you on the blogosphere newspage today!

Artsy Catsy said...

Thanks for letting us introduce Garfield in the Carnival of the Cats we hosted yesterday on our blog. Hope to see lots more of him!

(& Rocky)