Sunday, August 08, 2010

Criss Angel

Criss Angel has some new TV programs out soon. I’m here to tell you not to bother with them.
While my SO and I were in Vegas getting married last November, a total stranger came up to him and gave him 2 tickets to the Criss Angel, Mindfreak show at our hotel. Just gave them to him. We decided to see the show since it didn’t cost us anything. And it was worth every penny!
This guy is supposedly a magician. In the 90-minute show, he did 5 tricks. Entirely predictable, you-gotta-be-kidding-me easy ‘tricks’. One involved supposedly electrocuting himself with 100 million volts or some such. Lots of sparks and screaming and bright lights. From my third row seat, I really wanted to shout, “How many amps you pushing there, Criss?” but I resisted heckling him.
Most of the show consisted of a bunch of people wandering around in rabbit costumes. Never made much sense to me. Not very entertaining, either. More magic might have been but there was very, very little of that.
I don’t know what he does for his TV extravaganzas but it can’t be any better than his live show and will prolly be worse.

Don’t waste your time!!