Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dingy Harry

Harry Reid and his accomplices in the Senate have come up with a horrible, very expensive government budget bill for 2011. One that included loads of money for ObamaCare. By adopting this in the lame duck session, they can prevent the incoming Republicans from defunding ObamaCare, amongst other things. Reid is telling his fellow budget-criminals that they need to vote approval on this or he will keep them in Washington through Christmas.

If no budget (or Continuing Resolution. They haven’t come up with an actual budget) is passed before they adjourn for the holidays, the government will run out of money and shut down. Now, this sounds like a wonderful thing to me.

Upon hearing of Dingy Harry’s threats to shut down the government, my SO and I started singing this:

(to the tune of Let It Snow)

Oh, the spending out there is frightful

But it would be so delightful

To let ‘em run out of dough

Let it close!

Let it close!

Let it close!


To any advertizing people:

If you are currently in production with or even considering using any traditional Christmas song in your commercial, stop. You will not be heard. Your target audience, upon hearing the first few bars of your commercial the second time, will reach for their mute button. You might get one listen-through but from that point on, your annoying bastardization of a traditional Christmas favorite will be on the mute button from the second it is recognized.

We don’t like songs that have been beaten to death and then made to serve your purposes. It’s very annoying to hear a familiar song that has been re-purposed to something as useless as a commercial jingle.

And we won’t listen to things that annoy us when we have the option not to do so. Every TV/radio remote I’ve ever seen has a mute button it. We use them to battle the constant stupidity that you fling at us. However, occasionally, and very rarely, you come up with something that can be heard without gagging. You might want to do whatever it is that you do to figure out what those rarities are and make more of them.

But, leave Christmas carols alone!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I know what a divorced father feels like.

Those poor guys who lose their families to the capriciousness of shallow young women, I feel their pain. One day, you’re living your life, things are rough but you think you’re working on the problems and everything will be Ok. The next, she’s taken your kids and you have to petition a court to see them or you get only 1 afternoon a week, if you’re lucky and she doesn’t decide she has better things to do than bring them over.

I have lived with my grandson, my only grandchild, for over 14 months. I’m retired on disability and am home all day, every day. He and I are used to being together on a daily basis. My daughter, for reasons unknown to me, has decided to take him away to her on-again, off-again boyfriend’s grandmother’s house. I’ve asked and asked why and gotten only a litany of the bad things I did as a mother when she was eleven. She has said nothing on any current reasons why I am so impossible to live with now.

I’m not saying she didn’t have reasons. I know I’m an opinionated, crotchety old woman. I’d just like to know what I actually did wrong. If she won’t tell me what bothered her enough to take her son and run away, how am I supposed to do better in the future?

I had asked for every other weekend visitation with my grandson. She has countered with every Saturday afternoon when she comes over to take care of her cats that are still a part of my household. Since the boyfriend and his family are Jewish, I’ve also asked for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. No answer on that as yet. They are invited for Christmas Eve dinner and dinner on Christmas Day as well. (I do a lot of cooking and baking in December!)

I miss him terribly! My house is still full of his toys, furniture, clothes, and just stuff in general. So, there is a constant reminder of who is not here. My house is still majorly disrupted by being “baby-proofed” by my daughter. I’m reluctant to put everything back if he’s really going to be here every week. She still has my sewing room full of her stuff and one other bedroom is still dedicated to him. So, they are gone but their stuff and her cats remain. I’m very lonely without him. I had such plans for Christmas together.

I’d like to have my house back if they’re not going to live here. I’d have her remove her stuff from my garage, basement, living room, family room and my sewing room but I’m afraid, if I push the matter, she will retaliate by withholding my grandson from me.

So, I know the pain, uncertainty, confusion and fear that fathers go through. Maybe we should form a support group.