Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary *updated*

Apparently, the MSM is shocked, shocked! to find out that Hillary Clinton lied to them.


Gee, where have they been all these years? Not paying attention, obviously.

Hillary loves the Big Lie. Like: claiming to be named after Sir Edmund Hillary when he didn’t climb Mount Everest until she was a small child. No one had ever heard of him before that. And: turning a $1,000 investment into $100,000 by reading the Wall Street Journal. Not to malign that great publication but, if it was that easy, this country would have many more millionaires than it does!

She and her husband, both, have been lying to the world since 1990. They’ve been lying to the people of Arkansas longer than that! For the MSM to only now notice is such hypocrisy!

I guess the Left-Wind Media has decided that Obama is the one they want (like they did with McCain) so anything anyone does, even a Clinton, to hurt his candidacy is going to get slammed.

She didn’t really think that she could get away with this forever, did she? Of course, why wouldn’t she? Her husband didn’t come under fire until he criticized Obama, either. And they LOVED him!

“First Black President.” Not with those pasty, white thighs! Remember those shots and video of him jogging? How ridiculous was that? The Leader of the Free World out running in the street in short shorts.

Of course, she’s absolutely correct about Obama and the Rev. Wright. You choose your pastor. Obama chose this guy and stayed with him for over 20 years. Therefore, he must at least tacitly approve of his opinions as expressed in his sermons.

Just as she’s stayed with Bill. She has approved of his behavior as well. You can’t have one without the other. She chose him; she can un-chose him at any time.

I’ve been cheated on. I found out about it only after we had broken up, in a rather artless way, from the woman he cheated on me with. I treat him as a non-person. He simply doesn’t exist.

I’m not sure that would work with Bill but she could at least have the dignity to tell him to get lost!

I could almost respect her for that!

She’s still not qualified to be President, though. Nothing will change that!


A score card from Dick Morris, who probably knows Hillary best:

His book on her was scathing! Quite a good read. I recommend it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Ok, time for a bitch session!

For the past week, it’s been All Eliot, all-the-time.

Now it’s All Hate-Monger Jeremiah, all-the-time.

Gee, anything else happen in America in the past few days???

And, I don’t care who had a three-way with whom! It’s none of our business! Quit reporting this stuff!

This is as bad as during the Lewinsky scandal. I had to explain to my 8-year-old what a “blow-job” was. She kept hearing the term on the news and wanted to know what it meant. (Her response: “Gross!!”)

I feel sorry for people with younger kids. The media is making such a big deal about all this that the kids can’t help but notice.

Kinda like hearing Haldeman and Erlichman every night on the news when I was 13 and very preoccupied with being a newly-minted teenager. I didn’t understand what was going on at the time but I was aware that it was bad.

I finally realized when I was in college that I had lived through a huge scandal and knew, essentially, nothing about it. I happed to catch “All the President’s Men” on cable. That got me curious about what had actually happened. I knew anything Hollywood put out was most probably not the truth.

About that time, most of the players in Watergate had started publishing their books. I went to the library and skimmed several, choosing the one by the judge in the case, John Sirica, to read in depth. I figured he had heard all the evidence and didn’t have a horse in the race, so to speak. He didn’t have any personal agendas to protect.

What are today’s children absorbing from these scandals? “God Damn America” and “Client #9”?!?

I’m glad my kids are grown and my grandson is too young to watch TV!!

And I’m also glad I don’t have to explain any of this to an innocent!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Where are the Grown-ups?? *Updated*

Back in the 1980s, when I was in my 20s, I didn’t really feel like an adult. Even though I was a married woman with 2 kids by the end of the decade, I still didn’t really feel like a grown-up.

In the 25 years since, I’ve grown-up quite a bit, shouldering my responsibilities as a single mom and sole support of those 2 kids, who are now grown.

I have a good driving record, a clean credit report and I pay my bills on time.

Back then, there seemed to be a few people who were the grown-ups: Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John-Paul. All but Dame Thatcher have gone to their reward.

Unfortunately for us, no one seems to have stepped up to replace them. No one seems capable of making the difficult decisions that can end the War on Islamic Fascism like Ron, Maggie and John-Paul did with communism and the USSR. Where are the leaders?

Hell, one of our 2 political parties won’t even admit there IS a War on Islamic Fascism! They have their collective heads buried so far up their asses they haven’t seen daylight in years!

And yet, 47.5% of Americans poll that they will vote for a Democrat in November!

What’s wrong with these people? These Islamic nutjobs are AT WAR WITH US?

They seek our death and the total destruction of our country and our culture.

To those who say we need to talk and “negotiate” with these people, I want to know what you think there is to negotiate about? If your opponents’ starting position is your death, what’s there to negotiate, the where and how?

They don’t want to live with us! There’s nothing we can do that can change that. We didn’t cause it. We can’t fix it.

But we can stop it.

This country desperately needs some grown-ups who recognize the danger we are in and have the balls to do something about it.

Since it looks like I’ll have no other choice, I’m hoping that McCain turns out to be an adult!!

I hope he makes a good, conservative choice for VP. There’s been rumors on the ‘net that he’s thinking of asking a Democrat to run with him.

If he wants to guarantee that the conservative base stays home in November, he should do just that. I’ll definitely sit that one out. I don’t vote for Democrats in the general election.


I forgot one of the adults from this time period: Lech Walesa. Now, there's a man with BALLS! He stood up to the Soviet Union! He and his Solidarity labor union helped Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul bring down the USSR.

Sorry, Lech, I'll try and do better next time!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Computer Stupidities

I’ve been reading this great website of Computer Stupidities and realized that I have a few tales of my own I could tell.

For instance:

At a former job, I had an older use who really didn’t understand anything about the computer he worked on every day.

One afternoon, he came to me, all upset.

“My computer is making this ‘bip-bip-bip’ sound!” He was very indignant. He took every problem with his computer personally; sure that his computer was out to get him, and all the problems were my fault, somehow, because I was the computer support person and I should just make sure nothing ever went wrong.

So, I got up, crossed the open office and sat down at his desk. I moved the file folder off his space bar and the sound went away!

“There ya go!”

He didn’t even say thanks!

I went back to my desk on the other side of the room and nearly strangled trying not to laugh out loud.

Earth Hour

Remember Jump Day?

People all over the world were all supposed to jump at the same time in a vain attempt to change the orbit of the earth around the Sun.

Yeah, right!

Well, they’re at it again!

More silliness:

Earth Hour

We’re supposed to turn out all our lights for an hour, to help eliminate CO2 from the environment. And change to those horribly poisonous CFL light bulbs.

Well, personally, I'm going to turn on every light in my house for that hour. And remove the 1 CFL bulb my SO brought home and installed against my wishes. (Carefully disposing of it, of course.) He's not allowed to bring any more home.

If they’re so worried about energy use and CO2 emissions, where’s the huge push for more nuclear power plants?

Those produce no CO2 at all. And you get lots of energy for your buck.

But, no, we’re all just supposed to sit in the dark. That’ll fix the problem!

Like burning our food supply for fuel. I’ve never heard of anything more stupid!

Spending more at the grocery store? Blame ethanol. Producing and burning ethanol causes more CO2 emissions than the same amount of energy in gasoline.

But ethanol is going to save us all!

Enviro-nazis are idiots.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eliot Spitzer

I don’t get it.

Who cares who had sex with a prostitute?

Sure, I feel sorry for his wife but I still gotta get up tomorrow morning and go to work and I still gotta pay my mortgage.

Until somebody’s sex life impacts that, just keep it to yourselves.

No body cares!

Let private business be private, for once.

Unless, of course, he commits perjury about it. That’s different. Then, it’s not about the sex, it’s about the perjury!

If, in his position at Attorney General, he ever spiked an investigation into this particular prostitution ring or its controlling interests, then he should go to jail for abusing his position of public trust.


A few years ago, I stupidly clicked a link in an email and gave myself a virus.

The machine in question was 2 years old and clone to the machine I used at work, both Dells. My machine had shipped with Windows ME, probably the worst OS they ever came up with. The identical machine I used at work had Windows NT 4.0 installed and worked fine.

I have my own copy of Win NT 4.0 and had a tech friend of mine come over and change the OS for me on the new machine, replacing ME with NT 4.0. She copied the audio and video drivers onto a CD for me. Or thought she did, anyway.

After a heart-stopping half hour when I couldn’t get the computer to boot, it finally started up. I copied all my files onto CD and formatted my hard drive. When I reinstalled Windows, I discovered that the CD she had made me didn’t include my video driver like I thought.

So, since I knew this computer worked well with Win NT 4.0, I called Dell support, asking for a URL where I could download the driver I needed.

After wasting an hour of my time asking dumb questions, the tech finally put me on hold and went to ask his supervisor. When he came back, his manner was frosty:

“You changed the operating system on this computer. You are not entitled to any further support.”

Then he hung up on me.

I spent the next 2 hours searching the internet using my daughter’s computer, finally finding the needed driver on my own. I had changed employers and couldn’t go there for help. My tech friend didn’t have the driver, either, and was upset that she hadn’t put in on the CD for me.

About 2 weeks later, I got a call from Dell. They wanted me to rate my support call!!

Needless to say, I fried the ladies’ ears off with my ringing condemnation of their tech’s behavior. I hadn’t asked him for anything, just a web address.

I haven’t purchased another Dell computer nor do I intend to ever. I currently own an HP and a Gateway. I buy new computers every 3 years, desktops and laptops. That tech’s rudeness has cost them at least 4 purchases by now. Had he sent me to the website I needed, I would probably have been a customer for life. As it is, I counsel all my friends and family to stay away from Dell.

Since I’m the resident family computer expert, I’ve probably cost them a few sales.

At least, I hope so!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Meet Garfield

Meet Garfield, my newest kitty.

When losing Cissy stopped hurting quite so much, I realized that I wanted to get another cat. I looked into the local shelter and their costs but something told me to wait. I guess I thought that if I was meant to have another cat, one would come to me, a stray would show up at work or at home, looking for a home or something.

Well, ‘something’ happened.

A co-worker of mine had moved and her new apartment didn’t allow pets. She was going to try and sneak in her cat but they were too observant for that and demanded that she get rid of him.

Someone here at work told her I was a “cat-person” so she came to me to see if I wanted him. He seemed perfect.

He’s 8 years old, neutered and declawed and has all his shots. And also the first orange cat I’ve had.

And he is BRIGHT orange. He practically glows! He has such a sweet face, too. He’s very affectionate and likes to sleep next to the fridge or next to my pillow at night. I weighed him last Saturday. He’s 14lbs. Cookie is 13lbs and Klein is 16lbs, the fatty.

He is younger and more muscular than my 2 very fat kitties and is able to get into much more mischief than they. I used my tuna squeezer one Saturday and it has mysteriously disappeared! I’ll probably find it under the couch or the dining room hutch when I do my spring cleaning.

He’s also able to get on the kitchen counter! My other 2 are way too fat to jump so high. Cookie could probably manage it but she’s too lazy. I could claim she knows better but I know better! :-) Klein can barely manage to jump onto the bed. The counter might as well be on the moon, as far as he’s concerned.

My daughter has a house-full of young cats that like to get into places they're not supposed to. To combat this, they’ve found a product that I plan to acquire myself: Ssscat:

What a cool concept!!

He's a real sweetie, for all his mischievous ways. He loves to give "kisses", something my other two won't do. He'll let me hold him but hasn't figured out that a baby-cradle is a good way to get some intensive mommy-attention.

He helps me get ready for work every morning, following me through my routine, mostly because the last thing I do before heading out is to feed them. Hey, dogs have masters, cats have staff. My primary reason for existence is to feed them. Just ask 'em!

That and scritches. Gotta have lots of scritches, too! :-)

Of course, if all this bothered me, I'd have a dog. But you don't have to walk cats, bath cats, police your yard or go through the dominance games dogs play. Litter boxes are nasty but at least all the nasty stuff is in one place. Plus, I have a wonderful product called a Litter Robot that takes most of the nasty out of it. I just change the bag in the bottom once a week, add more litter and I'm done! If you don't like scooping your litter box, check out that website! I'm on my second robot. I killed the first one by washing the base. Yeah, I'm an idiot. They were nice enough to give me a nice discount, though. Took some of the sting out.

And I don't have to walk around my neighborhood carrying a bag of poop!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Michigan and Florida

Ok, so Michigan and Florida moved their primaries to earlier in the year in search of relevancy. In stead, the DNC stripped them of their delegates. So, now, the party of “Count every Vote” is trying to reinstate those states’ delegates and hold new primaries.

Who’s going to pay for that? The tax-payers, probably. It should be the DNC! They created this whole mess. Or maybe the state Democratic parties who voted to move their primaries. Now, their voters have to vote again, at further expense, and it’s still later in the year.

And no one is arguing that these states are irrelevant! Now that the race has actually been close, for once, every delegate counts.

According to, Florida is considering holding another primary but only if the Democrats pick up the $10 million ticket. Michigan is considering holding caucuses in June. Caucuses are cheaper to do than primaries and are run by the parties, not the states, both considerations making caucuses more attractive.

Hillary won both states the first time around. However, Obama wasn’t on the Michigan ticket and did not campaign in Florida. What would happen in a more fair contest is the subject of much speculation.

She maintains, of course, that she already won these states and should be able to do so again easily. He says that, if he were to actually campaign, he could take them away from her easily.

What would be really funny is if “None of the above” won again in Michigan! Probably won’t happen but it would be amusing!!

Having the race for the opposition candidate be so close is great! Let them continue to tear each other apart. Give McCain a breather. He’s old, he needs it. Let him build his war chest and prepare his troops.

I hope Obama has the balls for the give and take the Clinton Machine is going to inflict upon him! It’s really going to get savage now.

I hope so anyway. Personally, I’m rooting for Obama. Not because I want him for president but because I think he is the more beatable candidate.

I don’t trust the American electorate to see through the Clinton Fog Machine! They’ve bought into the BS twice. That’s not a good track record. I have no faith that they won’t be stupid again!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Found via Conservative Grapevine:

All I gotta say is "Amen!"

During the Presidential election of 2004, there was noise in the Catholic church about refusing communion to pro-choice Democrat politicians. They protested, of course, as they see nothing oxymoronic in being both Catholic and pro-choice.

Personally, I was glad to see the Church finally publicly acknowledge the problem!

If you're going to profess to follow a religion, you should FOLLOW THAT Religion!!

The Pope says abortion is wrong. If you're Catholic, you shouldn't need to know anything else!

If you do, you're NOT Catholic!!

By definition!

Me, I ain't even Christian, but hypocrisy does bother me. I'm not interested in following a bunch of silly rules so I haven't joined any of the clubs that require me to follow them.

Does God, in His infinite everything, really get that bent out of shape if you do or don't wear a hat? Or eat that bacon cheeseburger? Somehow, I think He's got better things to do with His time!

I'd also like to think he's more tolerant of human failures, especially as He made us that way. You'd think He'd know what to expect!

Ohio Primary

Lotsa bitchin’ and moanin’ today by Democrats about the Republicans who crossed over and voted in the Democrat primary yesterday.

All I gotta say to them is “You’re welcome!”

Yup, I’m an Ohio conservative who held her nose and voted Democrat yesterday.


I wanted to take the opportunity to vote against the Hildebeast and against Peace Moonbeam (Dennis Kucinich), both of whom I despise.

Dennis is an idiot! Too bad 4 guys split the vote against him and he won his primary. My community is full of idiots.

Hillary has the same qualifications for president that Mrs. Brett Farve does to be an NFL quarterback. Probably more, since she actually lives with her husband. Think the Packers will be calling on her now that Brett has retired? Somehow, I doubt it!

My primary objection to Clinton is that she’s a socialist. She wants to take more and ever more of my hard-earned money and give it to lazy asses who don’t work. Or to build Bridges to Nowhere. Or to give to tyrants overseas.

I voted for Barak on the theory that he’s more defeatable in November than she is. I think that there are still a sizable number of people in this country who can’t bring themselves to vote for a black man for president. I don't agree with them but they're still there. And I don’t trust my fellow voters to see through the Clinton Machine’s machinations! The idiots haven’t, yet!

Quite frankly, I lost all my faith in the American electorate when they elected and then reelected Bill Clinton. Why am I the only person who seems to be able to see through his BS??

The first time I saw him on TV, my BS alarm went off so loud it was deafening! He is so obviously a liar to me. I’ve never believed a single word the guy has ever said.

His wife is worse! She’s cold and conniving, willing to do anything to get herself what she wants, whether it’s money or power. I fear for my country if this woman is ever elected President!

It’s too bad, really that the Republicans couldn’t produce a candidate that I could gladly vote for. I don’t trust McCain on border security or on appointing judges. About the only thing I think he’s right on is his stand against earmarks. That, at least, he gets right!

And the war against Islamic Fascism, of course. He does seem to understand the importance of that!

Ah, well. There’s always Baseball!!


Somebody finally noticed:,2933,331689,00.html

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs, CFLs, those spiral light bulbs we’re all going to be forced to use, are extremely poisonous! They contain measurable amounts of mercury, a toxic substance.

Remember a few years ago how we were all getting poisoned from the mercury in fish? There’s more mercury in every single bulb, much more mercury, then in a can of tuna. Break one of those and you poison your house unless you can afford to have a haz-mat team come and clean it. And breaking the bulb releases the mercury into the air so whoever broke the bulb gets a nice lung-full of poison in addition to having to clean up the poison-laced glass. Careful! Don’t cut yourself! They even recommend cutting out that section of carpet and disposing of it. How? They don't say. Into the landfills, I guess

Another thing you never hear about is what we’re going with all these highly poisonous light bulbs after they burn out. Where are they going? Landfills? That will poison our ground water. These things are hazardous waste!

Personally, I’m stocking up on regular, non-poisonous incandescent bulbs. Yeah, they may use a little more energy to light my home but they won’t make if unlivable if I should happen to break one. And they don’t poison the environment with their remains!

And I like the color of the light better, too!