Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Beginning...

And First Lesson

Don't hit 'Enter' til you are done!! :-)

Wow! After months of reading other peoples' blogs, to have one of my own is a bit daunting!!

The title may change. It currently reflects how I feel about living in Cleveland, OH. I lived on the east side of town for 5 years where I wasn't represented in Congress by Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and now I live on the west side where I am currently not represented by Dennis Kucinich. Now, that's a choice!!!

According to the racial politics I hear about endlessly, Blacks can only be adequately represented by fellow Blacks. Well, if that's true, so is the converse!!! Ole Stephanie even campaigned on promoting "our values", meaning those of Blacks, in her last reelection bid. Her district is not composed only of Blacks but she acts as if it were.

Dennis is only male to my female. I should think that wouldn't make that much of a difference but he does seem to be several flavors of moonbat. Since he specializes in tilting at windmills, I don't have what you might call really effective representation. And he was MIA from D.C. during his entire presidential campaign. And he never gave up the ghost! He didn't quit the race until months after it was clear that he was never going to him anything. Like I said, he loves tilting at those windmills!!

Dennis is currently trying to keep Ford from closing factories and eliminating jobs here in northeastern Ohio. Exactly how he's going to affect their corporate business decisions, he doesn't say. Since he's of the "There oughta be a law!" branch of the Democratic party, I assume we'll see some sort of bill introduced attempting to prevent businesses from making staffing changes without federal approval. Now, there's a good idea! NOT!!!

But just the sort of thing you'd expect from Dennis.