Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, I can’t seem to lose any weight but I seem to be able to help my kitties to do so. Klein, who used to look like a fat, little dog, has slimmed down so much he looks like a cat again! Cookie is looking better, too.


My curiosity got the better of me so I decided to weigh everybody this morning. I weighed myself (ugh!) and then picked them up, one by one, and reweighed the two of us.

Klein, who was 15.9 lbs, is now 12.6 lbs!! He’s lost 3.2 lbs or 20% of his body weight!! Cookie, who was 12 lbs, is now 10.2 lbs. Almost 2 lbs down for her. Garfield, however, is going in the wrong direction. He’s gained a pound and is up to 15 lbs from a previous 14 lbs.


They’re all still too fat but looking batter these days. Since Klein’s lost so much weight, I should probably take him to the vet just make sure that nothing else is wrong.

Update: Klein has a vet appointment for Friday. He's been coughing. Not a good thing in cats!!

They’re on a very expensive kibble. Cookie is allergic to corn. According to the label, they should get 1 cup of it per day per cat. Since I supplement with canned cat food in the evenings, they would probably be supposed to get half that much kibble. Because they are all so fat, I give them only a heaping 2/3 cup of kibble in the morning. And their evening ‘stinky stuff’.

The trade-off of all this is that they are hungry and as a consequence, get in trouble overnight. We have to make sure the butter dish is not on the table as Klein will get up there and push it off onto the floor. We’ve gone through 3 glass butter dishes before we bought stainless steel ones. They’re ugly but unbreakable.

Garfield is the only one who knows he can get up on the counter. He doesn’t do so very often. The other two will probably figure it out soon as they get used to weighing less. I may have to get some kitty hissers,, in that event. We may get some for the table in any event.

Now, all I need is someone to come in and do the equivalent to me!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Honesty and a Hoax

Well, I guess there is one honest person in Cleveland besides me and my family.

My SO accidentally left his wallet in our local Marc's store. It's a deep-discount store frequently mostly by the elderly and the poor. My SO likes their pop prices.

He realized he didn't have his wallet and, after a frantic search of the house and car, called Marc's. Someone had turned it in and they had it! Yay!

He went over there and retrieved it. Not only were all his credit cards still there but so was all his cash!!

So, thanks to the anonymous Good Person who turned it in!!

Also, this evening is Earth Hour. Yet another stunt being foisted on us by the Global Warming crowd.

Global Warming is a HOAX!!! Scientists cannot accurately tell us what the weather is going to be next Wednesday and yet they can be believed when they try to tell us what it will be in 100 years?? No way!!

I posted extensively
here. I stand by that post.

Right now, I've got every light in the house on. It's very bright! Maybe I'll be able to pick out my house in the satellite pix the Hoaxers will be showing tomorrow!!

I'll go back to regular illumination levels at 9:30PM. Seems kinda dark out there right now.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Limbaugh Challenge

Rush has challenged Obama to a debate! No Teleprompters, no note cards, just debating the issues.

He has even offered to pay all Obama’s expenses to get him to Florida and back and while he is there. The Taxpayers wouldn’t be out one dime.

He is completely serious. The Left has said he is the ‘Head of the Republican Party’ so he says “I’ll debate the head of the Democrats on the issues!”

This would be a blood bath!! Rush makes his living talking extemporaneously on the issues and Obama can’t recite the alphabet without a Teleprompter! Rush will have him for dinner!!

Sorta like Mohammed Ali taking on Barney Fife:

(Apologies to Don Knotts.) Great visual, though!! LOL!!

C’mon, Obama, put your mouth where your money is!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


My newest favorite joke:

What is the difference between Jesus and Obama??

Jesus could assemble a cabinet.


Sunday, March 01, 2009


Women have finally achieved parity with men in an important arena:

There are now 5-blade razors for women!!


(Rolling on the Floor Laughing and Scaring the Cat)

Can vibrating ones be far behind???