Sunday, July 26, 2009

Freethinkers, Again

Strike Two!

I subjected myself to the Freethinkers again tonight. Why I did this I am not sure.

Most of the evening was fairly enjoyable until someone I did not know joined a discussion I was having about abortion.

Everyone in this group seems to think that reductio ad absurdum is way to prove every point. At least, everyone I’ve had a pointless discussion with does. The abortion discussion was going well until some guy felt he could butt in and make absurd statements like, “every sperm has the same potential as a fertilized egg.” It clearly doesn’t. Once egg meets sperm and development starts, that’s when it acquires its potential.

And pigs do not have the same potential as a newborn human baby. I don’t care about what tricks they can be taught to perform. A pig will never understand why he’s doing what he’s doing nor do any of the tricks mean anything to the pig.

No, I do not believe that irresponsible people should breed irresponsibly. That does NOT make a eugenicist!! It makes me an advocate of personal responsibility. Coming up with a logically absurd scenario and then calling me names for expressing my opinion about your absurdity is not debate!

The same thing happened to me last time I went to one of these things. I think maybe I’m done with the “Freethinkers”. The one person I wanted to talk to wasn’t there. She maybe the only reason I would ever consider going to another of these functions.

At least the food was good. The last place only had weird sandwiches. I don’t like sandwiches for dinner.

Reductio ad absurdum (Latin: "reduction to the absurd") is an argument against a proposition to disprove it by following the implications of a related proposition to a logical but absurd consequence.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I just wanted to thank all you 52-ers out there for our wonderful president and the wonderful job he is doing helping our economy to recover.

The unemployment rate for June, 2009 is now 9.5% and 15 states have an unemployment rate over 10%, including Ohio!! Michigan’s unemployment rate is over 15%.

These are the worst unemployment figures seen since 1984.

So, thanks, again, 52-ers. He’s doing a bang-up job!

Keep up the good work!!


It's 15 states. DC is NOT a state. Never trust an AP story to get it right! Always count for yourself! :-)

Uncle Walter

Walter Cronkite died today. He was 92.

The lying sack of shit is finally dead.

Walter Cronkite more than any other person, is responsible for our losing the Vietnam War. He helped the American people lose their sense of purpose and honor in what we were trying to do in Southeast Asia and helped the Communists subjugate and murder millions of innocent people. People whose only crime was believing us when we said we would help them.

Walter Cronkite told American every evening how wrong he thought the war was and how many of American’s sons had died in a futile cause no one believed in. Stopping the war became more important than the truth.

Any one other than me remember the Tet Offensive? We won that battle decisively. Uncle Walter made sure Americans thought we lost. That one battle crippled the Communists’ ability to further prosecute the war from that point on. Their general has since corroborated this. Had we stuck to our guns and not lost our nerve, we would have beaten them back. The South Vietnamese would have never suffered under the brutal thumb of the Communist government that the victorious North laid upon them.

Remember that video of the last helicopter out of Saigon? Those people had helped us and they all died. Most of them were sent to “re-education camps”. Others were forcibly relocated to “new economic zones”.

Over a million people launched themselves and their families into the sea in small boats to escape. 250,000 of them are estimated to have perished either from storms at sea or Thai pirates. Hundreds of women and girls were raped, beaten and sold into sex slavery in Thailand.

Americans trusted Walter Cronkite to tell them the truth. Instead, they got what Uncle Walter thought they needed to know. Quite a difference.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Stimulus 2.0

Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results?

They're not just stupid, they're crazy, too!!

God, help us!!!

We know how to solve the present economic mess: cut taxes. Think early 1980s. Remember Stagflation?? No one knew how to solve that problem until Ronaldus Maximus came in and cut taxes. That worked and started the longest peace-time expansion of the economy in the history of this country!!

CUT TAXES, you idiots!


A restaurant review:

We had dinner tonight at Marcelita’s, 7774 Darrow Road (Rte 91), Hudson, Ohio.

Quite frankly, I’ve had better Mexican food at Taco Bell. Mexican is so easy to do deliciously that it is quite a shame when it's done badly.

First, we had a short wait for table. No big deal. Then, the waitress took our drink orders: waters with lime and a pitcher of Margaritas, rocks, no salt. They were delivered promptly. There was no lime in the water. The Margaritas were bitter and contained very little alcohol as far as I could tell. I’m a cheap drunk and 2 large glasses full should have had me a little tipsy but that didn’t happen.

We asked for a bit more time to study the menu. We got almost 20 minutes before she checked back. I ordered the Beef Chimichanga. My companion ordered a combo meal with an enchilada, a taco flauta and a wet burrito. He was quite happy with his choice.

I was very disappointed with my dinner. The chimmie was served ‘naked’. I got a flat, fried flour tortilla packet that wasn’t crispy in the least and full of a sweet sauce of onions, green peppers and tomatoes with a few strands of beef throughout. It was just this side of vegetarian!

I also had a small bowl of some sort of red sauce. I believe it was their Rancheria sauce. It was spaghetti sauce in consistency and had no spicing indicative of Mexican flavors.

I also received a small portion of rice with peas in it and some refried beans. The rice was tasteless so I didn’t even bother with the beans. There was no cheese on any part of my meal.

The chips and salsa served when we were seated were good. They were crispy and the salsa, while a bit spicy for my companion, was just right for me. I like a little burn to cut with the Margarita.

The restaurant itself was nice enough. The restrooms were clean. The dining room we were seated in was full and thus quite noisy. I’m not sure what restaurants can do to lower the noise levels but I wish more of them would work harder at it. Having to yell to carry on a conversation does not make for a relaxing dinner experience.

No one ever asked me how I liked my dinner after I had had a chance to actually eat anything. The waitress had asked within a few minutes of serving us but I hadn’t tasted anything yet. I didn’t volunteer my complaints as there really wasn’t anything anyone could do to fix what I found wrong. Nothing else on the menu looked good

I wouldn’t recommend Marcelita’s. If you want good Mexican food and can get to the west side, Nuevo Acapulco, 24409 Lorain Rd., North Olmsted, is much better!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Definition of Conservative.

From the mouths of babes:

Definition of Conservatism:

Four principals:

1. Respect for the Constitution
2. Respect for life
3. less government
4. personal responsibility

Jonathan Krohn, author of “Define Conservatism”. He’s 14!!! Imagine that! A child gets it correct!!

I saw a broadcast of his speech to CPAC on TV recently. My TiVo recorded it for some reason. I’m not sure why but I’m glad it did.

More from Jonathan:

“It’s not an ideology of feeling or romanticism. It is an ideology of protecting the people and the people’s rights.”

And that’s why I’m a Conservative. Not a Republican. Too many times, the party sacrifices its principals to political expediency.

Think John McCain.

Maybe in 2012 we can run an actual Conservative as our candidate?

I hope so. We’re going to need someone strong to clean up President Bubonic’s messes.