Friday, November 16, 2007

I Miss My Friend

My best friend moved to England.

I’ve known her over 5 years. I met her when I joined a small company with offices all the way across town. 1 hour commute, every day, minimum. They have any trouble on the 480 bridge and it’s and hour and a half, both ways. By coincidence, she also lived in the same small community on the west side that I did, and her birthday is the day before mine! We got along famously!

Noel is the only person I have ever met who is virtually un-offendable. She knows that anything I say to her, I mean it in a friendly manner. She never takes anything I say, no matter how outrageous, the wrong way. Not that she isn’t just as opinionated as I am! Oh, no! We’ve had some good arguments, mostly over politics. We agree on most things but where we disagree, fireworks! (She tends to yell when she gets excited!)

After working together for about 5 months, I decided that the company and I weren’t going to work out and found another job. We stayed in touch, kinda, for the next year or so but I realized that we weren’t going to stay friends if we never saw each other. I called her and proposed that we start getting together regularly for dinner. Give us a chance to stay up on each other’s lives.

So, we got together every Wednesday for almost 2 years. And I got to hear the Saga of Matt and Noel.

Noel has had a life that makes even the most melodramatic soap opera seem tame and boring by comparison.

When I met her, she professed to being gay and was living with another woman. 2 years later, they had broken up and Noel was all in a tizzy about her upcoming vacation to Spain to meet a man she had known online for several years.

She married him last July.

In between, she reignited an old relationship with the man who fathered her son. He (and his family) traumatized her so badly that she “switched teams” and was a lesbian for 18 years. (That is according to her.)

I got to hear all the gory details every Wednesday night over dinner. I dubbed it “The Saga of Matt and Noel” and looked forward to hearing the latest installment every week.

They simply had too much hurt and time between them and the relationship failed a second time, but they gave it their best shot. I don’t think she could ever really totally forgive him for what went before and I don’t think he ever really believed that his parents behaved as badly as she said they did. It was doomed from the start.

But it was fun to hear about every week! What new, atrociously stupid thing would Matt say? How would Noel over-react?

At least they mostly kept their now-grown son out of it.

And I got to air my problems, as well. There’s nothing like being able to talk a problem over with a trusted friend who won’t be offended or judgmental about what you might say. Noel is the only person like that I’ve ever had in my life and I miss her terribly.

Now, I have no one to say, “Hey! Guess what stupid thing I did?” and have her laugh _with_ me not _at_ me. My SO will laugh at me and be critical. For, as wonderful as he is in so many ways, he is a very critical person. It is best not to give him too many opportunities. Or ammunition.

So, I started a blog. And a private diary. No one reads either but at least it keeps me writing and thinking about writing. I have several half-written books on my computer and several typed up story outlines that need finished. Maybe one day I’ll find the discipline to actually finish something.

And you, Dear Reader, can say you knew me when… :-)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Jimmy 1; Dick 0

Whose more dangerous with a gun, Dick Chaney or Jimmy Carter?


Unbelieveable! He took a pot-shot at a relative's pet and killed it!

I'd go hunting with Mr Chaney any day over allowing Jimmeh any where near my kitties!

Especially since Mr. Chaney only shoots elderly lawyers, neither of which I am! LOL

Poor kitty!

What an Asshole!!


My current favorite LOLwhatever. I laugh every time I see this!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

War, What is it good for?


"Close to 90,000 children who would have died before age 5 in Afghanistan
during Taliban rule will stay alive this year because of advances in medical
care in the country, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Sunday.
child mortality rate in Afghanistan has declined from an estimated
257 deaths
per 1,000 live births in 2001 to about 191 per 1,000 in 2006, the
Ministry of
Public Health said, relying on a new study by Johns Hopkins
U.N. and aid agency Save the Children both hailed the
advances in health care in
"This is certainly very positive
news," said the U.N. spokesman
in Afghanistan, Adrian Edwards. "To come from
such low life expectancy to see
this improvement does appear to be an
indication that the work on the health
sector here is beginning to pay
Karzai, surrounded by children at a
news conference in Kabul,
thanked international aid organizations and Afghan
health workers for the
work they've done to raise health standards. He said
89,000 children will be
saved each year because of the improved health

Wow! Think about those 90,000 kids who would have died the next time you hear a Dhimmocrat whine about the War on Islamofacism.

90,000 children. Mind boggling!

Yay, US!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting hit with the STUPID stick!

On Judge Judy today, there was this guy who maintained the they purchased a plane ticket in July for his ex-girlfriend’s grandfather’s funeral in September. The guy simply never understood why Judge Judy had a problem with that!


The guy seems to have been beaten with the Stupid Stick!

My SO and I love Judge Judy! It’s a great example of how NOT to conduct your life and personal affairs! Never have a joint checking account, with anyone. Never loan anyone money without a written contract for repayment. Never live with anyone without having the arrangements in writing. Never get anyone a cell phone in your name, you will never get them to pay the bill.

Great life lessons.

And you get to laugh at really stupid people!

My life is so much better than all of these people! I’ve made some serious mistakes in my life but nothing as down right dumb as the people on this show. They make me look like a freaking genius!

Friday, November 02, 2007


Ok, I’m used to and get great amusement from the spam emails I get offering to enhance body parts I don’t have and I just delete the pump-and-dump stock tips, but since when did marijuana dealers get so bold?

The latest, newest spam is offering to sell me “really great shit”!! It claims to be legal but calls the product by several pseudonyms for pot.

Whatever will they think of next??