Thursday, March 13, 2008

Earth Hour

Remember Jump Day?

People all over the world were all supposed to jump at the same time in a vain attempt to change the orbit of the earth around the Sun.

Yeah, right!

Well, they’re at it again!

More silliness:

Earth Hour

We’re supposed to turn out all our lights for an hour, to help eliminate CO2 from the environment. And change to those horribly poisonous CFL light bulbs.

Well, personally, I'm going to turn on every light in my house for that hour. And remove the 1 CFL bulb my SO brought home and installed against my wishes. (Carefully disposing of it, of course.) He's not allowed to bring any more home.

If they’re so worried about energy use and CO2 emissions, where’s the huge push for more nuclear power plants?

Those produce no CO2 at all. And you get lots of energy for your buck.

But, no, we’re all just supposed to sit in the dark. That’ll fix the problem!

Like burning our food supply for fuel. I’ve never heard of anything more stupid!

Spending more at the grocery store? Blame ethanol. Producing and burning ethanol causes more CO2 emissions than the same amount of energy in gasoline.

But ethanol is going to save us all!

Enviro-nazis are idiots.

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