Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why We're Screwed

I know why this country is broke and going down the tubes.

Because people like my exhusband, who has never paid his taxes that he has owed from back in the 1980s, is getting a tax refund this year. Thanks to the 3-year statute of limitations on back taxes and the Earned Income Tax Credit, this man, who has never paid into the system the entire 18 years I've know him, is getting a check from the government!

Unfortunately for him (he tends to spend the check monies before he actually had the check inhand!), The State of Ohio has seized his refund for some back child support they think he owes me. We setteled that debt, for over $8,000 less that he really owed me (part of something is better than all of nothing), so Ohio still thinks I am due money from him and seized not only this year's refund but his stimulous check last year as well.

He called me all upset. He was sure I had done this to him ON PURPOSE!!!! And he was going to GET ME FOR IT!!!

AFter I calmed him down, I suggested that since he was the attorney (yes, really), maybe he should be the one to notify Cuyahoga County of their error. In the meantime, I got a money order for his money and sent it to him. He tried to give me a time frame in which to accomplish this but I did it at my own convenience. Quite frankly, I don't care when his rent is due. Not My Problem Anymore!!

This time, I'm taking out the cost of the money order and my gas to go get it. I'm through doing this man favors!!

He owed me $40,000 in unpaid child support and got our younger daughter emacipated behind my back. She was due child support, according to Indiana law, until she graduated from college. He snuck into Ohio court and got her emancipated under Ohio law behind our backs. He has not, to my knowledge, contributed anything to her college expenses. Not one thin dime. I gave her a big chunk of the back child support to help but she's still in school. And on the Dean's list, too!! She's doing quite well without him.

If a non-productive asshole like my exhusband can get a government check, we're really in trouble!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Gee, getting that ole Deja Vu feeling, yet?

You morons! You let the media bamboozel you into electing an empty suit that reads Teleprompters well as President.

Low and behold: Americans Held Hostage, Part Deaux!!

The last time Americans were held Hostage, a Democrat was President!! Jimmeh and the Iranians.

We've been down this road before.

I hope that poor ship's captain isn't held until we can elect a Republican to deal with the pirates!

Hey, Obama: Send the Marines!!

"From the Halls of Montezuma
to the shores of Tripoli,
We will fight this country's battles
in the air, on land and sea!"

That second line refers to the first time we fought these bastards. We won that time, because we fought them. Now that we have our "Compromiser in Chief" at the helm, those pirates feel safe to attack us. They know Obama would never risk world opinion by fighting back.

Send the Marines! Defend our country and its' citizens!!




Just saw a commercial for Botox: Freedom of Expression.

And I thought the whole point of Botox was no expression!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


First dinner with the new toy!!

Red bell peppers
Lemon juice
White wine
Chicken broth
Salt and fresh ground pepper

All over rice cooked in chicken broth.

Yum! Yum!!

(Recipe available, drop me an email if desired.)

I have a new toy!

My SO bought me a mandoline! We even found it at KitchenAid in red!

Yeah, we like bright red kitchen gadgets! The whole kitchen is ivory colored and kinda bland but we might be going a little too far. Thus far he’s bought me:

KitchenAid Mixer with attachments
4-slice toaster
Slap-chopper (not the one from the Informercial, a KitchenAid!)
An immersion blender with whisk and chopper attachments. I use these the most.
A Cuisinart coffee maker in the same color
A Keurig coffee make in almost the same color (it’s a little darker red)
A pump soap dispenser for the sink
A tea kettle
Various cooking spatulas and spoons
Silicone bakeware
A food processor

Quite a collection! When we decide we want a new kitchen gadget, we first go to KitchenAid online to see if they offer it in the red. If not, we mostly shop for price.

I’ll be slicing and dicing tonight!!