Friday, May 01, 2009

John Madden

A bit out of date but still relevant.

John Madden is retiring


His blather has ruined many a football game for me. The second worst part of this year’s Super Bowl was Madden’s endless talking. He goes on and on in that horrible whiney voice. (The worst part was the singing of the National Anthem. See here.)

The only way I could listen to him was to imagine he was dong color for a pron flick. Then it was funny.

“And he’s run around the back side and is pounding it up the middle!”

OOOH, baby!


I have been afraid that they would partner him with one the ex-quarterbacks. Then no one would know what was going on. Phil and Troy were good quarterbacks in their day but they mostly are the worst part of their respective talking-head teams.

I tell Phil Simms to shut up several times a game. He also has a tendency to go on and on pointlessly. Maybe he’s been styling himself after Madden and will now stop and thus improve. I hope so, anyway.

They've replaced him with Chris Collingsworth, who apparently hates the Colts. He never has a good word to say about anything they do and is definitely a charter member of the "Tom Terrific Team of Saint Brady". I'm sure I'll get sick of that this season.

We will just have to see how it goes!!