Thursday, March 06, 2008

Michigan and Florida

Ok, so Michigan and Florida moved their primaries to earlier in the year in search of relevancy. In stead, the DNC stripped them of their delegates. So, now, the party of “Count every Vote” is trying to reinstate those states’ delegates and hold new primaries.

Who’s going to pay for that? The tax-payers, probably. It should be the DNC! They created this whole mess. Or maybe the state Democratic parties who voted to move their primaries. Now, their voters have to vote again, at further expense, and it’s still later in the year.

And no one is arguing that these states are irrelevant! Now that the race has actually been close, for once, every delegate counts.

According to, Florida is considering holding another primary but only if the Democrats pick up the $10 million ticket. Michigan is considering holding caucuses in June. Caucuses are cheaper to do than primaries and are run by the parties, not the states, both considerations making caucuses more attractive.

Hillary won both states the first time around. However, Obama wasn’t on the Michigan ticket and did not campaign in Florida. What would happen in a more fair contest is the subject of much speculation.

She maintains, of course, that she already won these states and should be able to do so again easily. He says that, if he were to actually campaign, he could take them away from her easily.

What would be really funny is if “None of the above” won again in Michigan! Probably won’t happen but it would be amusing!!

Having the race for the opposition candidate be so close is great! Let them continue to tear each other apart. Give McCain a breather. He’s old, he needs it. Let him build his war chest and prepare his troops.

I hope Obama has the balls for the give and take the Clinton Machine is going to inflict upon him! It’s really going to get savage now.

I hope so anyway. Personally, I’m rooting for Obama. Not because I want him for president but because I think he is the more beatable candidate.

I don’t trust the American electorate to see through the Clinton Fog Machine! They’ve bought into the BS twice. That’s not a good track record. I have no faith that they won’t be stupid again!

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