Thursday, March 13, 2008

Computer Stupidities

I’ve been reading this great website of Computer Stupidities and realized that I have a few tales of my own I could tell.

For instance:

At a former job, I had an older use who really didn’t understand anything about the computer he worked on every day.

One afternoon, he came to me, all upset.

“My computer is making this ‘bip-bip-bip’ sound!” He was very indignant. He took every problem with his computer personally; sure that his computer was out to get him, and all the problems were my fault, somehow, because I was the computer support person and I should just make sure nothing ever went wrong.

So, I got up, crossed the open office and sat down at his desk. I moved the file folder off his space bar and the sound went away!

“There ya go!”

He didn’t even say thanks!

I went back to my desk on the other side of the room and nearly strangled trying not to laugh out loud.

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