Friday, October 17, 2008

Poor Joe!!

He has dared to question the Messiah and for his temerity in doing so, he is being vilified and his entire private life is being dragged thought mud by the Dinosaur Media.

How dare he think he could get away with such a thing?? Doesn’t he know that you don’t question The One?

All sarcasm aside, what it wrong with the press in this country? This guy isn’t running for office. He’s a private citizen who asked a question of a politician. And got an honest answer. One that Obambi’s acolytes in the Media don’t like. So, instead of actually addressing the issues raised by their own candidate, they go after the regular guy who asked the question.

This is what our presidential politics has descended to in this country? Smearing average citizens when a candidate makes a gaff??

“He made me say that!” “That’s not what I meant!”

Not that Obambi has tried to ameliorate the statement. It still stands there, a blatant statement of socialism and Marxism, with no explanations or excuses.

Apparently, he means to do what he said.

Any one who hopes to do well and votes for this guy is the worst sort of fool.

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