Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do your job!

How dishonest does one have to be to refuse to do the job to which one was elected because not to do so might benefit a political candidate one supports?

Apparently, as dishonest as Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner. Until the courts got involved and ordered her to do her job, Ms Brunner had refused to follow Ohio law and cross check new voter registrations against other state databases thus establishing their validity.

Two people have filed a RICO lawsuit to use the force of the courts to disband ACORN. She’s so ‘in the tank’ for Obama that she’s willing to break the law and help them cheat to help him to win.

Didn’t she learn as a child that a win acquired by cheating is wrong? You have to win fair and square before you can be considered to have accomplished something.

Sure, Obama may be president but half the country will see through the chicanery and won’t respect him. Being president isn’t an easy job. Why make it harder on him by tainting his win?

Weren’t you paying attention the past 8 years when Democrats made W’s life hell for their cheating that they projected onto him? There are bloggers out there who are pledging to make the same nasty accusations if Obama wins by cheating. ACORN is cheating. Ms Brunner is cheating.

I didn’t vote absentee because I figured it would just get ‘lost’ since I don’t intend to vote Democrat. If I wait until November, maybe I’ll get included in the general chaos. It will be harder to pick out the Republican ballots and pitch them. Especially since I’m in Cuyahoga County. All votes from here will be assumed to be Democrat.

I voted Democrat in the primaries as part of Operation Chaos. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Hillary, however. I am now really regretting that vote for Obama. All I really wanted was a chance to vote against Dennis. You know, Cleveland’s Biggest Embarrassment.

Incidentally, Congress’s current approval rating is somewhere in the neighborhood of 9% these days. W is still in the 30s

In any case, I vote against this appalling silly person every chance I get. I’d like to ask the people who vote for him:

How many cities does a guy have to bankrupt before you won’t vote for him?

I should think the answer would be one!!

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