Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have a new physical problem.

It’s actually been building up for years. My right shoulder has gotten more and more painful over the past year or so. It’s ached with use or extension for years but in the past year, I’ve been almost unable to use my right arm. It hurts just typing this!

So, I went to an orthopedist. Since I cannot have an MRI due to my cardiac implant, having a torn rotator cuff is difficult to get a definitive diagnosis on. He wants to stick needles in there and see what happens.

Now, I ask you, is this any way to run a popsicle stand?!? You’re suggesting that I let you jam a steel spike into an already painful portion of my body just to see what you find?? And you can’t understand why I have a problem with that??

What are you, nuts?

I’m of the opinion that most doctors have forgotten what it’s like to be at the mercy of people who have none. Most people don’t like needles. Me, I’m terrified of them.

Now, imagine this. You’ve got a health problem. You go to the doctor for it. He suggests a therapy. That therapy happens to be the thing you are most afraid of in this life. Say you’re afraid of heights. So afraid you can’t ride in an elevator because you know you’re standing over a 10-storey hole while doing so. So, said doctor says the first recommended therapy for your problem is to go sky-diving. Or jump off a very tall building, complete with parachute. And won’t consider or discuss any other therapies. What do you do?

Find another doctor!! There has to be another way to treat this condition that does not involve needle torture!!

And, yes, I went to Physical Therapy. That made it hurt worse. Much worse. Totally incapacitated me with pain. So, I don’t think that’s the answer either.

I’ve got a referral to another doctor. Guess I’ll see what he has to say…


I went to a different orthopod. He diagnosed my should as "frozen". No tears, nothing broken. I'm not sure how using my right arm more made my shoulder freeze up but he seems to be correct. I've gone to a different physical therapist, someone who is interested in actually doing their jobs and helping people, and they've pointed out that if I had really torn my rotator cuff, I wouldn't be able to hold my arm up at all, which I still can do. So, now I got and "get bent" twice a week and it's really helping. Those prissy girls at the other PT place were all wrong!

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