Thursday, October 16, 2008


If you listen to Rush on line, you already know this:

Jennifer Brunner is hiding 200,000 unverified voter registrations from the county election people who are supposed to track down these people and verify that their information is accurate. The county election people are supposed to take all unverifiable registrations and investigate them and make sure that the people registered are legally allowed to vote in Ohio.

And she’s sitting on 200,000 of them.

George Bush beat John Kerry by 118,457 votes in Ohio.

Hello, voter fraud!!

On a massive scale!

Wake up people!!

You are ALL being disenfranchised!!

Every vote cast fraudulently diminishes your vote by that much. Your vote is a percentage of the large whole. The larger the larger whole is, the smaller percentage that one vote is. Now, if those votes are legitimate, that’s just the way it goes. But if your vote is being diluted by fraudulently case votes, you’re really out something!! You lose even more of what little effect your one vote has.

We need to fight this!! Make our Secretary of State do her job!!!

Call her office. Send an email. Make a pest of yourself!!

Our vote is the only thing we’ve got!

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