Monday, October 08, 2007

I hate commercials!

So many of them assume I’m an idiot and talk down to me in a particularly annoying manner. The really annoying ones I make a point to never buy those products! If I’m such an idiot then I’m too stupid to buy their junk!

Sugardale hotdogs has a really annoying commercial on the radio during the Indians’ games. The one woman is fretting over how many hot dogs to buy for their upcoming get together. Her friend assumes she worried about not having enough because her husband ate some large number during the last Dollar Dog night. That would even be sensible, given what a pig the husband is but, No! She’s worried about having too many! She never knows what to do with the left-overs.

Sugardale to the rescue: they have a re-closable package. Whew!

Apparently, no one at their ad agency has heard of Zip-Lock bags. That’s what I keep hot dogs in, anyway. I buy them by the 5 pound package at Sam’s Club and hope for left-overs!

The Ford commercials are also especially annoying. “Have you driven a Ford?!?” they yell at me both from my TV and my radio. Yes, twice a day, thank you. Stop yelling at me!!

I’m glad they didn’t start this ad campaign while I was looking for a car! I would really have had a problem buying my little Focus. I love my little high-mileage econo-box. (Rush Limbaugh reference)

It’s really a fun, cute little car. Exactly what I wanted to replace the huge pregnant-roller-skate of a minivan. Fun to drive, easy to park, quick and zippy.

I know I’m not in the advertisers demographic for most of the shows I watch. The only shows I watch live are sports: baseball and football. I’m not interested in buying a car and I don’t drink beer so most of the ads aren’t aimed at me. Especially football. Those advertisers really assume that their entire audience is male!! And they all drink beer and are in the market for a new car.

And have Erectile Dysfunction! :-) Definitely not aimed at me!

Just like most of my junk email. Either for drugs I don’t need, pump-and-dump stock tips or offers to enhance body-parts I don’t have. Some of those are really funny! Obviously written by a non-English-speaker with a whatever/English phrase book. And none too clear on the concept of what they’re trying to say in English!! LOL!!!

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