Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Birds

When I got up this morning, the back yard was covered in Starlings. There are two 60 foot maples at the rear of the yard. They were crowded with black birds.

And that many birds make an incredible amount of NOISE!!!

My neighbor has a ringer on the outside of his house that alerts him, and the entire neighborhood, when his phone rings. They got a call and a large majority of the birds took off, yelling and screeching. What a racket!

The remainder hung around for another 15 minutes or so before finally joining the rest of the flock down the block. I can still hear them!

The cats weren’t too interested. I watched the birds more than they did. Cookie just wanted to be petted and Klein licked himself, again. I wonder what he’s allergic to??

Cookie is allergic to corn. Try and find a cat food without corn in it! ALL the major brands, including the expensive ones, have corn in them. And she will scratch and chew herself bloody if she eats any of them.

I found some at Pets Mart that she seems to tolerate OK. It’s $18.99 for 12lbs, though. Purina is $8.99 for 25lbs! So, this stuff is very expensive. I’ve looked online and everything she might be able to eat is even more expensive. After the Pet-Food-from-China-is-killing-our-pets-scare, I considered making my own, but I really don’t have the energy. I barely have the wherewithal to cook for us every day!! I can’t see adding cooking cat food to my list of chores as well!!

There are some great pet foods out there but most of the cat food seems to have fish in them. Fish makes my cats puke! They do enough of that as it is! I sent away for some samples and they loved it but then they puked all over the house for the next week so I won’t be doing that!! Too bad. It was very healthy and didn’t use any ingredients from China.

Just fish for puking…


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