Monday, November 21, 2011

Moochelle Gets Booed

Moochelle and Mrs. Biden got booed at a NASCAR event this weekend. The media are very offended.

Why wouldn’t they get booed, especially Moochelle. I don’t know much about Joe Biden’s wife but Barry’s wife deserved every second of it.

She has presumed to tell Americans what to eat and when and how much to exercise. She thinks she has the right to tell us what to feed our kids. And she’s only proud of her country because her husband could run for President. She’s the national scold!

Lots of Americans are struggling. They’ve lost their jobs and can’t find another. Or they’re underwater with their mortgage because the property values where they live have fallen so much. Most of them aren’t even thinking of taking any vacations much less ones with lavish suites, top shelf liquor and expensive massages.

Moochelle has spend over $10 million on vacations just in the past year. Summer of 2010, it was the trip to Spain for her and the kids and over 40 personal friends. Then, it was a Christmas trip to Hawaii where they rented a villa on Kailua for $38,000. that trip cost over $1.5 million! February, 2011 brought a trip to Vale for skiing to the tune of $2,400 a night for a hotel suite. Then there’s Martha’s Vineyard in August, 2011, with the rental of a property at $50,000 a week. They also couldn’t fly together, resulting in 2 huge, expensive air planes going to the same place only hours apart. Add it all up, including mini-trips not mentioned here, at you get to more than $10 million.

Fancy, pricey vacations, date nights in New York, bossy, nosey speeches about our dietary habits. Her own husband still smokes! Deal with your own household and keep your nose out of ours!

Boo away, NASCAR fans!!

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