Saturday, July 18, 2009

Uncle Walter

Walter Cronkite died today. He was 92.

The lying sack of shit is finally dead.

Walter Cronkite more than any other person, is responsible for our losing the Vietnam War. He helped the American people lose their sense of purpose and honor in what we were trying to do in Southeast Asia and helped the Communists subjugate and murder millions of innocent people. People whose only crime was believing us when we said we would help them.

Walter Cronkite told American every evening how wrong he thought the war was and how many of American’s sons had died in a futile cause no one believed in. Stopping the war became more important than the truth.

Any one other than me remember the Tet Offensive? We won that battle decisively. Uncle Walter made sure Americans thought we lost. That one battle crippled the Communists’ ability to further prosecute the war from that point on. Their general has since corroborated this. Had we stuck to our guns and not lost our nerve, we would have beaten them back. The South Vietnamese would have never suffered under the brutal thumb of the Communist government that the victorious North laid upon them.

Remember that video of the last helicopter out of Saigon? Those people had helped us and they all died. Most of them were sent to “re-education camps”. Others were forcibly relocated to “new economic zones”.

Over a million people launched themselves and their families into the sea in small boats to escape. 250,000 of them are estimated to have perished either from storms at sea or Thai pirates. Hundreds of women and girls were raped, beaten and sold into sex slavery in Thailand.

Americans trusted Walter Cronkite to tell them the truth. Instead, they got what Uncle Walter thought they needed to know. Quite a difference.

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