Sunday, July 26, 2009

Freethinkers, Again

Strike Two!

I subjected myself to the Freethinkers again tonight. Why I did this I am not sure.

Most of the evening was fairly enjoyable until someone I did not know joined a discussion I was having about abortion.

Everyone in this group seems to think that reductio ad absurdum is way to prove every point. At least, everyone I’ve had a pointless discussion with does. The abortion discussion was going well until some guy felt he could butt in and make absurd statements like, “every sperm has the same potential as a fertilized egg.” It clearly doesn’t. Once egg meets sperm and development starts, that’s when it acquires its potential.

And pigs do not have the same potential as a newborn human baby. I don’t care about what tricks they can be taught to perform. A pig will never understand why he’s doing what he’s doing nor do any of the tricks mean anything to the pig.

No, I do not believe that irresponsible people should breed irresponsibly. That does NOT make a eugenicist!! It makes me an advocate of personal responsibility. Coming up with a logically absurd scenario and then calling me names for expressing my opinion about your absurdity is not debate!

The same thing happened to me last time I went to one of these things. I think maybe I’m done with the “Freethinkers”. The one person I wanted to talk to wasn’t there. She maybe the only reason I would ever consider going to another of these functions.

At least the food was good. The last place only had weird sandwiches. I don’t like sandwiches for dinner.

Reductio ad absurdum (Latin: "reduction to the absurd") is an argument against a proposition to disprove it by following the implications of a related proposition to a logical but absurd consequence.

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