Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Free Thinkers"

I went to a Free Thinkers Meetup last night hoping for some conversation and maybe an argument or two. Some how I figured I would meet a few people who could think! What I found instead was that I walked into a den of fascist, arrogant, unrepentant lock-step thinking Liberals!!

I got brow beat about global warming for about 2 or so hours by a young man barely out of diapers who kept exclaiming “But, there’s a consensus!” and “But, they have PhDs! Don’t you respect that?”

I could barely get a word in edgewise.

It was not a discussion. I was hammered at by a True Believer who adamantly refused to admit that there’s any proof on the other side.

I finally had to declare that I simply was tired of talking about it just to shut him up.

I don’t think he heard a word I said all night.

The other young man I met, again, barely out of diapers and still living with his parents, was probably the worst fascist I’ve ever met. He thinks that because he shares the planet with other people, they need to kowtow to his opinions of what kind of car they should drive, how much energy they can use and where they can live! And he sees nothing wrong with this. Wonder what he would say if the shoe was on the other foot? If people he disagreed with tried to tell him how to live his life? I wasn’t rude. I didn’t point out what a fascist he was.

At one point, the coordinator of the group came over to challenge me to reconcile being a conservative and not a religionist. Apparently, at least to him, the two are not severable. I pointed out that there’s many ways to the same destination. I don’t know which bothered him the most, that I wouldn’t condemn religious conservatives or that I professed to be a Conservative in the first place. Again, more lock-step Liberalism from supposed “Free Thinkers”.

Oh, and, apparently, being an atheist is required for membership, too!

“Free Thinkers”

Yeah, right.

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MarkT said...

Hi Elinor,

Mark T. here- the group coordinator you spoke of in this post. I stumbled upon your blog by accident tonight...

My question to you about reconciling your conservatism with your nonbelief was not a challenge, really... it was just a question. There are others in the Freethinkers who profess to be conservatives, but generally they have been of the fiscal variety and are basically moderate to liberal on the social issues. So I really only wanted to know your thoughts on the matter.

Neither thing that you mentioned bothered me... the only thing that bothered me is that you seemed very angry at the time. I was worried that you might have a conniption or something- normally the group discussion, with disagreements and all, is very laid-back.

And also, it is not true that atheism is a requirement for membership- see standard dictionary definitions of "freethinker" for details.

That being said, it is true that most freethinkers are atheist or agnostic, or "doubters"... rejection of religious dogma is the common theme amongst freethinkers.

It is also true that most atheists and agnostics tend to be liberal... perhaps that is because many freethinkers perceive dogmas in the conservative ideology which are quite similar to religious dogmas.

Mark T