Thursday, June 25, 2009


Is everyone at National asleep?

Do they know what time it is, much less the date??

This past Friday, I received a document in the mail from our National organization, post marked 6/10/09. This document contained the rules and regulations for our upcoming Annual Gathering.

Now, the idea that we need a list of rules and regulations related to our national party is maddening enough. However, contained in this missive was information on several events taking place at the AG that had deadlines for participation.

The deadline for signing up for any of the tours being offered at this year’s AG was June 8, 2009.

The deadline for the Mensa Marketplace was June 5, 2009

And all this information was postmarked June 10, 2009. Thanks, National, for making sure that I won’t be cluttering up the tours or offering any of my handicrafts in the Marketplace!!

And then we get lectured on “Mensa Time”!!! How presumptuous!!
These are the same people who cannot get information to the membership on submission deadlines in time for members to actually participate! In addition, we are all adults! We don’t need Mommy nagging us about coming in on time! Most of us realize the value of a person’s time and treat them with according respect. Those who don’t will miss programs and events that start on time. Go ahead! Start everything on time!! I dare you!!

And don’t believe you can do it!!

(I’ve been to many AGs. Running late is an art form at these things!)

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