Saturday, March 28, 2009

Honesty and a Hoax

Well, I guess there is one honest person in Cleveland besides me and my family.

My SO accidentally left his wallet in our local Marc's store. It's a deep-discount store frequently mostly by the elderly and the poor. My SO likes their pop prices.

He realized he didn't have his wallet and, after a frantic search of the house and car, called Marc's. Someone had turned it in and they had it! Yay!

He went over there and retrieved it. Not only were all his credit cards still there but so was all his cash!!

So, thanks to the anonymous Good Person who turned it in!!

Also, this evening is Earth Hour. Yet another stunt being foisted on us by the Global Warming crowd.

Global Warming is a HOAX!!! Scientists cannot accurately tell us what the weather is going to be next Wednesday and yet they can be believed when they try to tell us what it will be in 100 years?? No way!!

I posted extensively
here. I stand by that post.

Right now, I've got every light in the house on. It's very bright! Maybe I'll be able to pick out my house in the satellite pix the Hoaxers will be showing tomorrow!!

I'll go back to regular illumination levels at 9:30PM. Seems kinda dark out there right now.

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