Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Limbaugh Challenge

Rush has challenged Obama to a debate! No Teleprompters, no note cards, just debating the issues.

He has even offered to pay all Obama’s expenses to get him to Florida and back and while he is there. The Taxpayers wouldn’t be out one dime.

He is completely serious. The Left has said he is the ‘Head of the Republican Party’ so he says “I’ll debate the head of the Democrats on the issues!”

This would be a blood bath!! Rush makes his living talking extemporaneously on the issues and Obama can’t recite the alphabet without a Teleprompter! Rush will have him for dinner!!

Sorta like Mohammed Ali taking on Barney Fife:

(Apologies to Don Knotts.) Great visual, though!! LOL!!

C’mon, Obama, put your mouth where your money is!!

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