Sunday, December 07, 2008

Liberals and Nixon

Liberals, would you leave Nixon’s corpse alone?!?

There’s yet another ‘Nixon was such a monster’ movie coming out. Directed by Ron Howard.

Opie, I’m very disappointed in you!!

From the trailer: “Richard Nixon lied to the American people!”

So did Bill Clinton and I don’t see any ‘what a bad guy he is!’ type movies being made about him.

Clinton lied under oath; Nixon lied to reporters. As much as they would like us to believe to the contrary, that’s not quite the same thing!!!

Clinton didn’t have the grace or the dignity to resign when he was literally caught with his pants down. Nixon only sanctioned some political dirty tricks that Clinton far surpassed in his own quest to stay in power.

How many FBI files of the opposition were found in the private residence of the White House during Nixon’s time? None. You can’t say that about Clinton!!!

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Ben said...

Hollywood movie against Clinton? What are you kidding me?