Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Karl Rove

Karl Rove has resigned his position as advisor to President Bush.


The President’s deputy chief of staff decides not to ride out the rest of his lame-duck term and both side of the political blogosphere get their panties in a twist.

What I’ve never been able to figure out is how this guy got his reputation! He gets the “credit” for all Bush’s ideas from both the right and left. If this is true and Bush’s ideas do in fact originate with Rove, he has to be the most inept politician I have ever heard of!

Where to start?

Harriet Meyers

Medicare Drug Plan

Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

No Child Left Behind

Those are merely the highlights (lowlights?) of his 6 years of horrible proposals. One of the few good ideas was the revision of Social Security to something other than a Ponsi scheme but he left it twisting in the wind, undefined and undefended until the Left and its handmaidens in the media killed it.

And that is my biggest problem with Karl Rove and the advice he has been giving President Bush. Whoever decided that allowing your opponents and enemies to endlessly attack you without ever defending yourself or your policies is a complete and total idiot. A lie repeated often enough and loudly enough without refutation enters the general consciousness. Soon, ‘everybody knows…” and it becomes the truth.

I know that I am not alone in my frustration with Bush and his unwillingness to communicate with the American people. Who told him that his silence was a good idea? Maybe his ‘closest advisor’? The man who gets all the credit for being so wily and conniving by the Left? Talk about an undeserved reputation!!

The Bush Administration is so inept at dealing the media attacks that most of the country still thinks Algore won Florida in 2000! And every lie told since then as been allowed to stand, unchallenged, until the lies are all most people know about their president.

I hope that the right-wing in this country can get it collective head out of its collective ass long enough to find a conservative candidate to run against Hillary/Obama. Much as I like Giuliani on defense, he’s not a conservative on social issues. Romney seems to have flip-flopped around too much for my taste. I like Fred! but he’s still not in the race. What’s he waiting for?

Whoever runs, may he PLEASE be able to utilize the press in an effective way to communicate! The presidency is the ultimate bully pulpit. For gods’ sake, USE IT!!

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