Sunday, August 12, 2007


I know every market has local businesses that do their own advertising. Quite frankly, I TIVO most of the TV I watch and thus do not watch many ads. However, I do watch Indians games live and am thus exposed to local advertising.

I know Cleveland is not unique but there are several local advertisers that simply annoy the hell out of me.

First off, we have Ron Trzcinski of the Original Mattress Factory. Ron, for Pete’s sake, hire an actor! You have a lousy voice and sound like a second-grader reading out-loud in reading group. And he’s everywhere: radio, television, cable. I can’t even get away from this guy by leaving town as he has stores all over the region.

Second up is a local car dealer. I know most cities have local car dealers who make their own commercials and Cleveland is no different. I’d lived here for over 3 years before I noticed that here we have the opportunity to buy a car from a snake (Serpentini), who is “American and Proud Of It!”

Another local car dealer whom I can’t stand and immediate mute whenever he comes on is Eric Sonnie. Sr. He doesn’t content himself with simply extolling the virtues of the cars he sells; he does so AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICE! I was in the market for a new car for about 2 weeks last year. Having some guy yelling at me on television guaranteed that I would NEVER go to his dealership to shop.

And last but not least, we have Fish Furniture. Owner Dan Geller does the voice for his animated self in their ads with two talking fish. I always thought he was putting on the odd, high-pitched, nasally voice I heard in the ads until I saw him in an ad promoting advertising on one of the local cable companies. He really talks like that! How funny!!

All of these local businesses would be better off hiring talent for their ads. Annoying potential buyers is not a great way to increase sales.

Of course, all advertisers would do well to take that advice!

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