Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dingy Harry

Harry Reid and his accomplices in the Senate have come up with a horrible, very expensive government budget bill for 2011. One that included loads of money for ObamaCare. By adopting this in the lame duck session, they can prevent the incoming Republicans from defunding ObamaCare, amongst other things. Reid is telling his fellow budget-criminals that they need to vote approval on this or he will keep them in Washington through Christmas.

If no budget (or Continuing Resolution. They haven’t come up with an actual budget) is passed before they adjourn for the holidays, the government will run out of money and shut down. Now, this sounds like a wonderful thing to me.

Upon hearing of Dingy Harry’s threats to shut down the government, my SO and I started singing this:

(to the tune of Let It Snow)

Oh, the spending out there is frightful

But it would be so delightful

To let ‘em run out of dough

Let it close!

Let it close!

Let it close!


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