Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peace, Yeah Right!

So, the Empty Suit wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

I knew it wasn’t all that much when they gave it to Jimmah, Algore and Arafat. Let’s see: a racist anti-Semite, a world-wide hoax perpetrator, and the guy who used the plite of the Palestinians to enrich himself and his family.

Apparently, they decided that he deserved nomination for this after 11 days in office. 11 days. What was the biggest thing going on at that time?

Rush Limbaugh saying he hoped Obama fails. Personally, I also hope he is a miserable failure. I hope every policy he tries to enact fails disastrously.

But that’s what we were talking about back then. Rush Limbaugh, not anything splendiferous that Obambi did.

And SNL got it exactly correct. He still hasn’t done anything. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but there are things he could be doing that would be of great help to this country.

What I don’t understand about the current economic crisis is why they are not doing what has been proven time and time again to help.

Cut taxes. Eliminate regulations. Unleash the American business marketplace.

Works every time it’s tried.

Worked for Kennedy

Worked for Reagan.

Worked for Clinton.

Would work for Obambi, if he would only try it.

I guess he’s not serious about helping this country out of its economic crisis.

I really like to know why!!

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