Monday, January 07, 2008


First it was Obama, then it was Hillary, now it’s Mitt.

Everyone wants to be the Candidate of Change.

But they never expressly say what they want to change! Their minds, their tires, their underwear? What?

Yeah, I’m for “change”, too. Dimes, nickels, quarters, I like it all! Heck, I even bend over and pick up pennies I see on the sidewalk! It all adds up.

It’s amazing to me that your average idiot voter is falling for this BS.

Most people are horrible when dealing with change. Move their cheese (haven’t we all read that horrid, little book?) and they become totally discombobulated! Can’t function. Can’t think.

I want some specifics about who’s going to change what. As far as I’ve been able to figure out, both Hillary and Obama want to change us to a more socialist economy with central planning. Didn’t the Soviets prove rather decidedly that that concept doesn’t work all that well?

I don’t know enough about Mitt’s positions, yet, to know what he thinks needs changed. Hopefully, he’ll read The Fair Tax, fall in love with the idea, and we’ll get someone I could actually vote for promoting the idea. Yeah, change the IRS right out of existence!

Wonderful idea!!

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