Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blacks and Muslims

Well, for once, the young, black guys in a scene in TV aren’t the villains; they’re helping the victim of a stabbing, chasing off the bad guys and calling the cops. All too often, young, black men on television in cop shows are portrayed as the bad guys: murder, drugs, beating people up.

I get so tired of that. Not all black men are criminals. All too many of them are but maybe if they could be represented against type more often, other young men might see they have more of a choice about their lives.

I also get tired of the “big, bad Christian” meme in the whodunit shows. These villains are always particularly creepy. Why is that? How many Christians do you know that have committed murder? Most of them are fairly nice people, although some can be insufferable if you get trapped talking about religion, but that can be avoided.

When TV accurately portrays the adherents of Islam in all their barbarity, them they might have something!

But they’re too chicken for that!

Nah, peaceful Christians are the ones who get their symbols dipped in urine and smeared with dung. They won’t riot or issue death threats.


If these “arteests” really wanted to push the envelope, they’d do the same to Islamic symbols. That would be brave.

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