Monday, April 16, 2012

Political Stupidity

The idiots in Washington are really starting to piss me off!  They refuse to do what works.

Why do you people keep voting for those guys?  I can’t figure it out.  Washington consistently does exactly the wrong thing for our economy time after time and yet you people keep sending ‘em back to do it again!

We know what works to revitalize and boost our economy!  It’s worked every time it’s been done.  Just ask Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton!


To save our economy, the government needs to eliminate corporate income taxes.  Corporations don’t pay them anyway; their customers do.  Imagine how business would take off here if business taxes were done away with!  All those ‘global’ companies who are ‘global’ only to avoid the highest business taxes in the world would come home!  All that money currently funding boondoggles in Washington would be used to buy new equipment and hire new employees. 

And all these people who are currently on unemployment would begin paying taxes. 

If the government wants more money to waste, it needs to lower personal taxes.  Look up ‘Laffer Curve’ on the ‘net.  At the present time, we’re way over on the right side of the curve. 

If Congress and Obama were serious about helping our economy, they would cut all these taxes.  But, since they don’t, they obviously have another agenda!  Socialism, here we come!

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