Monday, October 31, 2011

Muslims at the Airport

Muslims are feeling harassed at airports.

Wah, wah, wah.

Maybe if they would control their more volatile members, none of us would have to feel harassed at airports! They are only reaping the benefits of what they have sown.

We Americans all remember the celebrations and dancing in the streets that accompanied 911 in much of the Muslim world. Are they ever going to denounce terrorism? Will there ever be a stigma attached instead of a reward to the families of people who blow themselves and innocents up? Will Muslims ever act in a civilized manner?

Probably not. Too many people are willing to make apologies and excuses for their behavior. Their overly arrogant despot governments are swimming in petro-dollars thanks to this country’s inability to drill for its own oil. We have enough oil reserves that we could put them out of business tomorrow but none of our political leaders except for a select, often mocked few, have the nerve to allow our oil companies to drill for the oil that we know is there. And we’re finding more all the time.

And why should they have to act civilized when the civilized world bends over backwards to make sure they’re not ‘offended’ by the security now required for the rest of us to travel by airplane? Way too many people are willing to listen to their complaints without reminding them that they are the causes of this problem. A little profiling should be the least of the burdens they should have to bear for the insane inconvenience they have caused the rest of us! Just accept it without all the whining, please. We have to accept far worse because of your countrymen!

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