Monday, March 07, 2011

President Obama hates white people.

That’s what they said of George Bush after the epic flooding in New Orleans and the south from Hurricane Katrina. About black people, of course. Bush supposedly didn't do enough to help the 'victims' of Katrina and now Obama isn't doing a damned thing to help Ohio with it's floods.  Everything must be viewed through the lens of racism. Especially when race has nothing to do with it!

Most of Ohio is currently undergoing sever flooding due to heavy snow fall followed by heavy rains. We even had a dam break on the Chagrin River that flooded more people downstream. Quite a mess.

What I think happened is that Obama got the keys to the machine that Bush used to flood New Orleans and turned it onto Ohio since it went so red in the last election. The floods are his revenge.

Obama hasn’t even been here to survey the damage! He doesn’t care about the poor, working stiffs of Ohio.

And, as far as I know, FEMA hasn’t offered a bit of help to the flooding victims. Not one bit. Obama hasn’t sent them to help anybody with their flooded basements and ruined furniture, lined up on the tree lawns all over my neighborhood awaiting tomorrow’s trash pickup.

I, myself, have some men coming tomorrow to lift my boxes and bins of stuff from my still damp basement. All loses to be recorded in film for the insurance adjusters, whenever they finally get here. Tomorrow, I will find out how many of my memories will join my neighbors’ on the tree lawn for the garbage trucks to take them away. I hope all my neighbors were insured! No one seems to have been spared.

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