Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

Did you participate in Earth Hour last night? I did.

I turned on every light in the house for at least an hour. Many of my neighbors were totally dark, including the guy behind me who illuminates his American flag 24/7. He turned off that light, too. My house shone like a beacon of sanity in a sea of stupidity.

Personally, I refuse to cooperate in anything that perpetuates a hoax. Anthropogenic Global Warming had been proved to be a hoax months ago. That anyone would still think they needed to go along with anything to do with it astounds me.

I hate to think of my fellow Americans as gullible boobs but there's just so much evidence that they are, beyond AGW. They elected Bill Clinton twice and then fell for the sham that is Barack Obama.

I really hate the idea that people are that stupid but they apparently are.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Found On Road, Dead

Yet another Japanese car manufacturer has had to issue a massive recall of their cars. Nissan has recalled 540,000 cars and trucks for break pin and gas gauge problems.

And Toyotas recent problems were so bad they shut down their production plants until they could get them sorted out. This has been all over the news for weeks.

Consumer Reports, the premier consumer product rating source, has been in love with Japanese cars for many, many years. They finally seem to have noticed the problems, suspending recommendations on eight Toyota models. Despite all its problems, Toyota is still fifth on the Consumer Reports list of recommended cars. Ford is 15th.

I purchased my first-ever new car in August of 2006. I bought a kiwi green Ford Focus with just about every option available except a sunroof. Having a 6’ 6” fiancĂ©e precluded getting a car with a sunroof. I refuse to have a car he can’t at least back out of the driveway if necessary. Because of the sunroof issue, they had to special order my car. That was the longest month of my life! I took delivery the end of August. My car was perfect.

My pretty, little car now has just over 20,000 miles on it. Since I got laid off in 2008 and subsequently obtained my disability benefits, I don’t drive much. It has, however, been back and forth to Indianapolis a few times. It has never needed any repair, maintenance only (oil changes).

The car is now over 3 ½ years old. It has never had a recall of anything. I checked with Ford just prior to writing this article.

My family mocked me for buying a Ford. “Found On Road, Dead.” “Fixed Or Repaired Daily.” Nonsense like that. My daughter bought a Prius a few years ago.

It has been recalled.

They bought that car because Toyota had such a good reputation for quality.


Maybe next time they will consider an American car company.

I realize the lots of Japanese cars are made here these days. While I applaud their efforts to employ Americans, the profits still go overseas. My Focus was made in Wayne, Michigan. Employing Americans and profiting Americans.

Buy American. The job you save may be your own!!