Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Al and Tipper

Al and Tipper are splitting up, probably getting divorced.

As a 3-time loser myself, I know the pain that goes along with admitting defeat and getting divorced.
However, I have never blamed my divorces on anyone other then my then-spouse and myself. The media has seen fit to blame the Gore’s divorce on, of all people, George W. Bush.
The ‘reasoning’ goes thusly: Bush stole the election in 2000 from Al. He and Tipper were so unhappy about that that they took it out on each other. Apparently, acquiring a 10,000% increase in one’s personal wealth isn’t enough to guarantee marital happiness.
In 2001, when he left public office, Gore’s family fortune was estimated by the Washington Examiner to be in the range of a million dollars. Six years later, it had grown to over $100 million dollars. They own 5 rather posh places of residence:
1. 6,500-square-foot villa in Montecito, CA

2. the mansion in Nashville everyone talks about due to its excessive electricity usage.

3. a Tudor-style house in Arlington, VA

4. the Gore family farm in Carthage, TN

5. a condo in San Francisco

6. 100-foot houseboat
All in all, it’s estimated that the empty-nester Gores have over 20,000 square feet of living space at their disposal.
You would think that that would be enough living area, spaced widely enough apart, that they would have to make an appointment just to be in the same state together. Surely, that’s enough space to get far enough away from each other not to fight over whatever is driving them apart!

How much space does he need, anyway? I know he’s put on some weight since leaving office. Apparently, he’s a ‘worry eater’ and worrying night and day about the fate of the planet has resulted in a few too many late-night trips to Taco Bell. But, my rather large husband and I manage to get along in only 1,975 square feet just fine. He channel surfs (which drives me batty!) down in the Family Room and I watch my DVRed shows up in the kitchen. Everybody gets what they want.
Compromise is a part of marriage. I guess that’s just something Al is not too good at.

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