Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I have a new toy!

My SO bought me a mandoline! We even found it at KitchenAid in red!

Yeah, we like bright red kitchen gadgets! The whole kitchen is ivory colored and kinda bland but we might be going a little too far. Thus far he’s bought me:

KitchenAid Mixer with attachments
4-slice toaster
Slap-chopper (not the one from the Informercial, a KitchenAid!)
An immersion blender with whisk and chopper attachments. I use these the most.
A Cuisinart coffee maker in the same color
A Keurig coffee make in almost the same color (it’s a little darker red)
A pump soap dispenser for the sink
A tea kettle
Various cooking spatulas and spoons
Silicone bakeware
A food processor

Quite a collection! When we decide we want a new kitchen gadget, we first go to KitchenAid online to see if they offer it in the red. If not, we mostly shop for price.

I’ll be slicing and dicing tonight!!

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