Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TV Drugs

I have the same response to all miracle weight loss drugs and pills that claim to “enhance” men:

If such a thing actually worked, it would be owned by a major pharmaceutical company and you’d need a doctor’s prescription to get it.

This also applies to anything except Rogain that claims to grow hair.

If any of these miracle drugs actually worked, Merck or Pfizer would be making millions on it. There’s no way some nobody supplement company is selling anything that actually works. It’s got to be a waste of money. If it is real, it would have been long ago bought by Big Pharma.

And would have been subject to FDA approval. None of these preparations have had to prove to the FDA that they are safe or effective. Thus they are a huge risk. There’s no guarantee that these drugs won’t cause more problems than they claim to solve.

Save your money. None of this stuff works and may actually be detrimental to your health. Why risk it???

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