Thursday, May 08, 2008


Glad that’s over!

Indiana can now sink back into its normal state of political obscurity.

One of the things that’s been hard to get used to about living in Ohio is all the attention from the political candidates. Indiana usually and reliably goes Republican and, at most, will see a Republican candidate or two through the course of the general election. The Democrats usually don’t waste their time or money campaigning there.

This election season, they descended like locusts. My sister says that one of the Dem candidates gave a speech at the small town she lives in and shut the whole town down for most of the day. Streets were blocked off and the Secret Service was everywhere.

Quite inconsiderate.

Fortunately, she was already at work when they arrived. Others were not so lucky and the doctor’s office where she works had an unusual number of late and cancelled appointments.

Headline: Democrats Prevent Citizens From Obtaining Necessary Health Care.

Film at eleven! ;-)

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