Monday, April 21, 2008

More Computer Follies:

At a previous job, I was the programmer of the Access front end that we did all our work in. It was a huge program that gathered immense amounts of data into a SQL Server database.

The bosses had decided that I was to make certain fields off limits for a few lower-end users. I had this musical co-worker who, upon hearing of my newest project, started going around the office humming “Can’t Touch This”

When I was done with the newest revisions, I put into it code that would run only for her that would open Internet Explorer and go to You Tube and start playing MC Hammer’s Video of “Can’t Touch This”. The office manager was in on this gag with me so I figured I wouldn’t get into too much trouble.

I didn’t count on the stupidity of one of our senior managers. The office manager was late that day and the senior manager happened to be walking past my co-worker’s computer just at MC launched into his song and dance.

The senior manager freaked, assumed we had some horrible virus in the system and made the whole office sit there, doing nothing, until I got there at 9:00.

She was furious when I explained the gag.

I was quite offended that she would think that I would have damaged the company’s greatest asset on purpose.

I didn’t tell her that the office manager wanted me to pull the gag on the whole office! I figured I didn’t need both of us in trouble with this no-sense-of-humor idiot!!

I still smile when I hear that song!

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