Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting hit with the STUPID stick!

On Judge Judy today, there was this guy who maintained the they purchased a plane ticket in July for his ex-girlfriend’s grandfather’s funeral in September. The guy simply never understood why Judge Judy had a problem with that!


The guy seems to have been beaten with the Stupid Stick!

My SO and I love Judge Judy! It’s a great example of how NOT to conduct your life and personal affairs! Never have a joint checking account, with anyone. Never loan anyone money without a written contract for repayment. Never live with anyone without having the arrangements in writing. Never get anyone a cell phone in your name, you will never get them to pay the bill.

Great life lessons.

And you get to laugh at really stupid people!

My life is so much better than all of these people! I’ve made some serious mistakes in my life but nothing as down right dumb as the people on this show. They make me look like a freaking genius!

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