Friday, May 25, 2007


Just spend a few minutes perusing a 911 Truther website. There’s a part my life I can never get back!!

Some questions for this guy and all the others (Rosie?):

If the clearly observed phenomena of the buildings collapsing are so wrong, how do you know so?

How many 110-story buildings have you watched collapse?

How many buildings have you watched get hit by airplanes?

How many buildings have you watched burn after getting hit by aircraft?

Just what is your basis of comparison?

“Models” made of chicken wire or rabbit cages are nowhere near comparable to the real thing. Setting such a thing on fire and having it not collapse is not proof that the real thing would react the same way.

Just because you can show a “model” of an airplane in Fight Simulator does not guarantee that the model is accurate! Flight Simulator is a GAME. Total accuracy in its airplane representations is not necessary for the enjoyment of play, which is its whole purpose for existence. Get some pictures of real airplanes for comparison! Then, if you spot anomalies, you might just have something.

The really scary part is that this guy claims to be a scientist! Hey, dude! Ever heard of the Scientific Method?? Check it out sometime!

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