Friday, December 08, 2006

The New Vietnam

The liberals seem determined to turn the part of the War on Islamic Fascism that is in Iraq into the same failure they managed to create in Vietnam when I was a kid.

With the publication of the Iraq Commission Report, they may have finally achieved their ends. Once more, America is seen as weak, cowardly and unable to finish what we start.

Pull out of Iraq? How about we start the pull out with the oldest war first: Europe. Is there any reason important to AMERICAN security for us to continue to occupy Europe?? Same for Japan. Let these people use their own blood and treasure to defend themselves.

There's an argument to be made for staying in Korea, what with the Evil Troll playing with nuclear weapons and such but why do we still have bases in Okinawa? The Japanese people are more than willing to fight their own battles. I say we let them. I'm fairly certain Hiroshima and Nagasaki taught them lessons about Imperialism they won't soon forget. Letting them have a military once again would help the rest of the world deal with the Evil Troll, who is in their backyard.

The American military didn't lose the war in Vietnam, Walter Cronkite did. Ever heard of the Tet Offensive? Most people paying attention at that time have. You also probably think we lost that battle with the Viet Cong. Wrong. We demolished them. Killed huge numbers of their fighters. Greatly reduced their ability to wage war against us. We decidedly won. However, since ole Uncle Walter didn't like the war, it was reported in this country as a total loss and failure. Soon thereafter, we abandoned our allies in South Vietnam to the Communist thugs who moved in and killed millions of people.

Now, they want to do the same thing in Iraq: abandoning our allies to the tender ministrations of their fascist, radical neighbors. Millions will die and it will be our fault. Again.

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