Friday, June 15, 2012


Every crafter has at least one large, unfinished project in their crafting closet.  Mine was a large Grandmother’s Flower Garden-patterned quilt.  Lots and lots of small hexagons.

I started it sometime after I finished my first quilt, a crib quilt for my second daughter.  It was all hand-stitched and I wanted to make one for my older daughter that was likewise all hand-stitched.  I had no idea it would take me over 20 years to complete. 

The baby I made the crib quilt for just turned 25!  My older daughter is almost 29!  These projects take forever to do!

I got the top completed somewhere at the end of the 90s.  I remember doing the basting of the batting, top and backing when we lived in Cleveland Heights over 10 years ago.

Each hexagon has a 6-petaled flower quilted into it.  No straight lines for me, no sir!  Nothing easy!  J

The quilt is made mostly from scraps although towards the end I did have to buy some fabrics in the right colors to supplement my stash.  As a result, I can look at it and tell you what was made from the various fabrics: baby or little-girl clothes, maternity clothes for me, clothes I made in high school.  Lots of memories. 

Both quilts are still in my possession.  The kids will get their respective ones from my will.  For now, the ‘new’ one goes into the washer to get, hopefully, most of the cat hair out of it as well as the pencil quilting marks.  It spent years rolled up in my closet and is quite dirty.  Then, onto my bed when the weather turns cold again. 

But it’s DONE!!!!!