Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yes, You are a Socialist!!

Obama said in his infomercial: "Just because I want to spread the wealth around, they call me a socialist. The next thing you know, they will call me a communist because I shared my peanut butter sandwich in kindergarten!"

It's fine if you want to share YOUR sandwich, Senator Government, but when you insist that I share mine, that's Socialism!!!

And taking anything from someone and giving it to someone to whom it doesn't belong is STEALING!!! I really don't give a shit about your motivations. I earned it; it's mine. You have no right to it!!

So, not only are you a Socialist, but you are a THIEF as well!!!

According to my SO, the CPA, when ther Dhimmocrats let the Bush tax cuts expire, as they have said they will, the income for the 25% tax bracked returns to $42,000. Right now, the tax rate is 15%. Now, that's a 10% tax INCREASE anyway you cut it!! My taxes are going to go up by thousands of dollars!!

Just remember, "Evil Rich" starts at $42,000 per year income.

$42K. Yeah. That's real wealth!!