Sunday, January 22, 2006

Adulthood arrives

It occurred to me last night while I wasn't sleeping that I finally feel like an Adult. I purchased my own home 3 1/2 years ago. That didn't to it. I have a great driving record and very low insurance rates as a result. Still not. But yesterday I realized that after I get all the incorrect information off my credit report, I'll have A-1 credit! After years and years of struggling to get out from under the stupidity committed in my 20s, I am finally able to buy and finance anything my income would support! I can finally buy a new car if I want. No more beaters!! Of course, that would involve $300+ a month car payments that I'm absolutely not interested in making as long as the van continues to run dependably but I could if I wanted to! What freedom!

A word of advise from someone who's 'been there': NEVER file a joint tax return with someone who owes money!! It took me 15 years to clean up someone else's tax mess off my credit. And he never did pay those back taxes. They just got too old to collect.

Seattle just won over Jacksonville. They're going to the Super Bowl. They should be playing my Colts but Peyton failed in the clutch again. This should have been our year. Damned Steelers!!

Maybe next year... (I'm a Cleveland Indians fan, too. I'm getting used to saying that every September as well!) :-)